Spring Resolution: Move to Los Angeles

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The Best Furniture Stores in LA


Summer has long been the busiest season for moving, but spring months, like April and May, are quickly becoming popular months to pack up and make a residential change as well. Los Angeles is a wonderful city, and it offers something for everyone, as discussed in past posts like, Moving to Los Angeles in 2021!


For those of you taking the leap and making your cross-country move to Los Angeles, or for the long-time LA resident just looking to spruce up their space, we have compiled a list of locally-owned furniture stores across the county for you to check out! 


1. Parkman Woodworks

Parkman’s is a local, POC-owned woodwork shop specializing in sustainably made furniture. The lumber used is purchased in bulk from demolition companies across the county, which allows Parkman’s prices to compete with standard furniture store prices—all while producing a product of much higher quality. Past customers have purchased dining tables, bookcases, desks, and more. They deliver, too!


2. G Furniture

G Furniture is a local furniture store known for their affordable prices and high quality pieces. Furniture available includes custom sofas and loveseats, custom bed frames and headboards, other bedroom furniture like dressers, and more. 


3. It’s Not Trash

A family-owned furniture business, It’s Not Trash sells items made from reclaimed wood and “trash” found in local Los Angeles alleyways—roughly 70% of all materials used are recycled. The goal is to redesign and repurpose discarded objects into long-lasting household items, all at a price people can afford.


4. Mattress Professors

Mattress Professors is a family-owned and operated mattress business specializing in luxury mattresses. They have a wide selection of name brand mattresses to choose from, all at affordable prices. Additional products available include bed sheets, pillows, and frames, as well as furniture items for every other room in your home.


As always, broker—and Los Angeles expert—Erin Alls is here for those looking to make Silicon Beach their home. Call today and we can chat about your options. Happy shopping, future Los Angelans!