Jan. 20, 2022

The Worlds Largest Wildlife Bridge Will be in LA



The World’s Largest Wildlife Bridge will be in Los Angeles

The city of angels; known for its busy streets, celebrities, and overpriced avocado toast will soon be home to the world’s largest wildlife bridge.


This proposed wildlife crossing plans to measure 200ft in length and 165ft in width spanning the eight lanes of the 101 at Liberty Canyon. The goal is to start it early this year and ensure its completion by fall of 2023. 


Image provided by  Santa Monica conservancy


What exactly does all of this mean? This means wildlife, specifically our endangered mountain lions, will now have a safe way of crossing from one end of the highway to the other. 


The habitat will be designed to block out the noise and lights from any cars passing below and it will be landscaped with native flora in order to provide a safe and easy passage for mountain lions and other animals. 


The benefits of this large animal crossing are endless, not only will animals be able to migrate safely, but, this will also allow local pumas to mate with other cats not closely related to them as they are facing a severe issue with inbreeding and birth defects are starting to show. 


There is a team of people working on this project that will forever change the way our local wildlife roams throughout the Santa Monica Mountains. The bridge is estimated to cost at least $85 million dollars, with most of its funds coming in from private donors. With this project in the works, we are taking a step in the right direction to restore the biodiversity we once had. 

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Jan. 13, 2022

SoCal Slopes Skiing in Los Angeles

SoCal Slopes

                                          Photo by Big Bear Cabins on Unsplash

Skiing in Los Angeles 

The allure of year-round sunshine and limitless opportunity brings people to Los Angeles. Those who have been here know, and those who stay here will learn, that there is so much more to LA than standard SoCal living.


We are blessed with panoramic ocean views and city streets, and we are also close to reserves, deserts, and mountains. Snow-covered peaks are perfect for skiing, snowboarding, and sledding in the winter months.


There are many ski resorts within a short driving distance of LA, so we have compiled a list of nearby resorts you can head to for some snowy fun over the next few months!


1. Big Bear Mountain

Big Bear Mountain Resort consists of Snow Summit and Bear Mountain, two renowned mountains for their long-lasting snowy season and smooth terrain.


Any of the nineteen available lifts can get you to both mountains, and skiing both on the same day means there are over 58 possible runs across more than 400 acres.


More advanced skiers appreciate Bear Mountain for its peak, with an elevation of 8,805 feet tall. Skiers of all levels can take on Snow Summit, which peaks at 8,200 feet, with confidence.


Tubing is also an option at Snow Summit, and it is a fun activity for anyone who likes some adrenaline without the intensity of skiing or snowboarding. There are three tubing lanes to choose from, and all are 300 feet long.


Lessons are available for people of all ages ($90-$435). Lift tickets ($40-$145/person) and tubing tickets ($20-$30/person) are available on their website.


2. Mt. Baldy Resort

Mt. Baldy is an incredibly popular mountain amongst Angelenos due to its proximity to the city. Snow perfect for skiing is just 20 miles away!


Skiable terrain runs over 4,000 acres, and there is space for people of all ages and skill levels to ski and snowboard. A quick 20-minute lift ride will carry you up to 7,800 feet. Here you can eat, play games, and access slopes.


It’s important to note that not only does Mt. Baldy provide a ton of snowy fun, there are also beautiful views of the ocean to soak in during your ride up the mountain.


Lessons and tubing are available at Mt. Baldy as well, with each reserved tubing slot lasting about three hours. Ski classes are around $200. Tubing costs around $60/person, and lift rides are less than $30/person when booked online.


3. Mountain High Resort

Mountain High is only about 2.5 hours away, and it’s a popular location for families. Kids love Yeti Park, where they can play in the snow, go tubing, and take a lift ride. There are three packages to choose from for Yeti Park.


There is an East, West, and North mountain, and a lift ticket can get you to each mountain on the same day. The resort also has restaurants and shops.


Lessons are available, and all tickets and reservations must be made online before arriving.


4. Mt. Waterman Ski Lifts

More than half of Mt. Waterman’s terrain is accessible to advanced skiers. 


Thirty-five percent of the mountain is designed for skiers at beginner and intermediate levels, but beginners and intermediate skiers should consider taking lessons at the resort. Lesson prices range from $50-$100. 


There are scenic lift rides for those who aren’t a fan of skiing, and there is a small, warm hut with cocoa. Mt. Waterman isn’t that suitable for kids, but for those that do come, it’s fun to build snowmen and watch the skiers zoom by!


Lift tickets and day passes range from $10 to $70.


5. Snow Valley

People of all skill levels can find a fun, snow-filled activity to enjoy at Snow Valley. Sledding at Snow Valley is easier than any other resort, with a chairlift available to carry sledders back up to the top. Snow Valley is the only ski resort in Southern California to have a chairlift for sledding!


Their beginner and intermediate trails are also excellent. And for any skiers looking to improve, Snow Valley provides lessons through their award-winning Learning Centers. 


Have fun with the family and put your skills to the test with the best instructors around!


One Last Thing


Before hitting the actual slopes, check out Virtual Snow LA for indoor ski lessons for a bit of practice! 


Jan. 6, 2022

Gray Whale Migration Los Angeles Whale Watching

Gray Whale Migration

                                           Photo by Abigail Lynn on Unsplash

Los Angeles Whale Watching

Welcome to Los Angeles, a city surrounded by stunning coastal waters and the beautiful marine life that lives there. 


Aquatic animals frequent the Los Angeles coast year-round, but the winter and spring months bring larger visitors, like gray whales. 


Gray whales can be spotted passing through the Los Angeles coast as they head toward Baja California, Mexico to mate and fatten up their babies—young whales need time to grow blubber thick enough to handle traveling to the Arctic for the summer months.


Whale watching tours are always available along the Southern California coast, and the next few months are an especially great opportunity to see some whales while enjoying the view of deep ocean waters.


Below are some local tour options for anyone interested in getting out on the water and spotting some sea life!


1. Harbor Breeze Cruises

Located in Long Beach, Harbor Breeze Cruises provides a whale-watching excursion at an affordable price. Each trip lasts roughly two hours and online tickets start at $30—in-person ticket purchases start at $45.


Commonly seen marine life includes dolphins, sea lions, and a variety of whales, including gray whales!


The boat is wheelchair accessible.


2. Blue Moon Wildlife Cruise

Those aboard a Blue Moon Wildlife Cruise have spotted gray whales during their migration season. May seemed to be a great month for whale watching in years past.


Attendees can expect to see a variety of dolphins as well. Dolphins that do not migrate, like the Common Dolphin and Bottlenose Dolphin, can be seen all year long.


The boat is not wheelchair accessible. All cruises are private.


3. SoCal Whale Watching

SoCal Whale Watching offers two different whale-watching experiences: the Premier Dolphin and Whale Adventure, and the Exclusive Private Dolphin and Whale Adventure.


Both tours last 2.5 hours and offer the same amenities, but the private tour is for your group only and passengers have the choice of being dropped off at their desired location.


Premier tours are $88 for adults, and private tours are $450.


While no whale-watching cruise can guarantee there will be marine life visible in the water, SoCal Whale Watching provides a second free trip to passengers if no animals are seen on their excursion!


The boat does not appear to be wheelchair accessible.


4. Newport Coastal Adventure

In January alone, passengers of Newport Coastal Adventure whale-watching tours have already seen 15 gray whales! Other whale species and hundreds of dolphins have been spotted this year as well.


General admission tours are $69.50 for adults. Private tours start at $349. Both excursions last about two hours.


The boats are not wheelchair accessible. Children aged five and younger are not permitted due to safety concerns.


5. Capt. Dave’s Dana Point Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari

Whale watching excursions through Capt. Dave’s is an incredible experience. There are two tour options.


Guests who attend the Signature Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari have access to underwater viewing pods, allowing for a truly immersive experience. Catch a glimpse of a gray whale under the water! 


The Zodiac Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari are shorter, lasting two hours because the boat is much faster. The faster speed provides a fun adrenaline rush while experiencing the ocean and marine life.


Adult tickets start at $66.75 for winter tours, but the standard price is $89.


The Signature boat is wheelchair accessible, however, the Zodiac boat is not. Children 5 and under are not permitted on the Zodiac excursion due to safety concerns.


One Last Thing


Be sure to check each business's website and/or give their offices a call for more detailed information. Have a great time! 


Dec. 16, 2021

Holiday Performances in Los Angeles

Holiday Performances

                                                      Image by Niki Dinov from Pixabay 

In Los Angeles

Welcome to Los Angeles, the land of musicians, dancers, actors, and every other creative you can think of!


The rich, poetic history of Los Angeles permeates every facet of our city’s culture, and during the holidays the magnetism of performance is especially vibrant.


To celebrate the ever-present artistic energy of Los Angeles, we have gathered a list of cheery holiday plays and musical performances happening in LA this December!


1. A Christmas Carol

Watch an enchantingly reimagined version of Charles Dickens’ classic holiday play, A Christmas Carol, at the Ahmanson Theater this December for a heartwarming experience with the family.


Playwright Jack Thorne and director Matthew Warchus—both Tony Award winners—created this rendition of A Christmas Carol. Under their direction, the play has garnered five Tony Awards, making it the most successful play this holiday season.


The play showcases incredibly talented actors, including Kate Burton, Alex Newell, and Bradley Whitford, and features 12 carols throughout the production. 


The final showing is January 1st, so purchase your tickets soon!


2. Golden State Pops Orchestra

The Holiday Pops Spectacular will feature musical performances, including compositions from director David E. Talbert’s Netflix musical Jingle Jangle: A Christmas Journey, and the world premiere of How Buddy the Elf Saved Christmas, by John Debney and narrated by Bill Rogersthe Voice of Disneyland.


This event is being held this Saturday, December 18, 2021, at the Warner Grand Theater in San Pedro. Don’t miss out on a “snowy” night of musical fun!


3. LA Phil Holiday Sing-Along

Traditional holiday music, conducted by John Sutton, will be shared by Angeles Chorale, a highly-skilled volunteer choir from LA, and the Los Angeles Philharmonic.  


Hosted by actor Melissa Peterman, the Holiday Sing-Along will be held at Walt Disney Concert Hall this Saturday, December 18, 2021, with the first show beginning at 11:30am and the last show beginning at 2:30pm.


Unfortunately, the “sing-along” portion of the event is cancelled, but there will be no shortage of music and joy!


4. LA County Holiday Celebration

The LA County Holiday Celebration is ringing in its 62nd year as an annual holiday tradition in LA, and every year the performances are spectacular.


This holiday event is meant to showcase and celebrate the array of cultures and creatives in Los Angeles county through music and dance.


Witness the 62nd Annual LA County Holiday Celebration in person on December 24, 2021 at 3:00pm. You can also livestream the event or watch it on PBS. The celebration will also be broadcasted on PBS on the 25th.


5. The Nutcracker

Head to the Dolby Theater in Los Angeles to experience the breathtaking talent of the Los Angeles Ballet as they dance beautifully to Thordal Christensen’s and Colleen Neary’s rendition of The Nutcracker


The ballet consists of two acts, each with five scenes. The music remains that of Peter Ilyich Tchaikovsky, with artistic alterations made to the setting.


Shows of The Nutcracker are being held on December 23rd, 24th, and 26th.


One Last Thing

There is nothing more Los Angeles than artistry, and nothing more magical than a night of festive music surrounded by family and friends. 


Happy holidays, everyone!

Dec. 9, 2021

Marina del Rey Boat Parade

Marina del Rey

Marina del Rey Boat Parade

Holiday Boat Parade

Head over to the Marina this Saturday, December 11, to watch The annual Marina del Rey Holiday Boat Parade—a Marina tradition since 1963!


The first Holiday Boat Parade occurred when the Marina housed roughly 100 boats, and there were 20 parade participants. Today, there are close to 6,000 boats docked in the Marina, and the 2019 parade was put on with 70 boats.


As our city has grown and our community has multiplied over the years, the close-knit feel of Marina del Rey has stayed intact, and our traditions have held their roots. 


Even through 2020 mandates, the volunteers who make the Holiday Boat Parade possible altered the traditional event to make it safer for residents and visitors.


This years Holiday Boat Parade theme is Joy On The Water, and the Grand Marshals are Steven Krems, M.D., Chief Medical Officer at Cedars Sinai Marina del Rey and Joanne Laguna-Kennedy, MSN, RN, CENP, the Vice President and Chief Operating Officer at Cedars Sinai Marina del Rey.


The 2021 Holiday Boat Parade is dedicated to the doctors and nurses who have worked tirelessly on the front lines of the pandemic, as a means of giving thanks. 


Arrive at Fisherman's Village or Burton Chace Park early to catch the five-minute fireworks show that will begin at 5:55pm, followed by the Boat Parade at 6pm. Check here for parking directions.

Dec. 2, 2021

Holiday Season 2021 Christmas Tree Farms

Christmas Tree Farms

                 Photo by Olena Sergienko on Unsplash

2021 Holiday Season

The race to find the perfect Christmas tree begins right after Thanksgiving, and it’s an exciting tradition for many people. 


Finding somewhere that sells trees, getting your family to finally agree on the perfect one, then haphazardly strapping it to the roof of your car–it’s all a fun process, but it can be overwhelming at times, too.


So, to keep Christmas tree shopping as happy as possible, we wanted to save you the time of searching and share a few tree farms that serve the Los Angeles area. 


1. Christmas Ranch Tree Farms

Trees from Christmas Ranch Tree Farms are extra special because everyone has the chance to find and cut down their tree–and with the farm spanning across 13 acres of land, there are tons of trees.


There are also precut trees here, including Noble Fir, Grand Fir, Silvertip, and more, for anyone who prefers them. You can purchase small trees, tree stands, garland, and custom wreaths here as well. 


Trees can be delivered when purchased in-person and online.


2. Frosty’s Forest Christmas Tree Farm

Like Christmas Ranch Tree Farms, Frosty’s Forest Christmas Tree Farm also offers the opportunity to chop down your tree. If you would prefer a precut tree, there are Nordmann and Noble trees.


The farm sits on four acres of land, with holiday decor and inflatables set up throughout, making it an especially joyful experience. Those searching for trees can also expect candy cane treats!


Delivery available upon request.


3. Mount Eagle Christmas Tree Lot

For more than 20 years, Mount Eagle Christmas Tree Lot has served all of Northeast Los Angeles with the most stunning trees.


All trees are unwrapped so getting a clear view of the entire tree is easy. If you decide your tree needs a few final touches to make it completely perfect, head over to an associate to get your tree a custom cut!


Both delivery and pickup services are available.


4. Mr. Jingles Christmas Trees

There is a wide variety of trees at Mr. Jingles Christmas Trees, and they are accompanied by other purchasable holiday essentials, like decorations, wreaths, garland, lights, and more.


Online ordering is available, and Mr. Jingles Christmas Trees will deliver and set up your tree. Tree removal services are also available when the holiday season comes to a close.


5. Santa and Mikey’s

Santa and Mikey’s tree farm has been providing Los Angeles with gorgeous Christmas trees since 2007, and the farm has been producing trees for more than 65 years! 


As an educational bonus, if you are confused about caring for your tree or wondering how to dispose of it after the holidays, check out the site’s Tree Care section for guidance.


One Last Thing


The tree has been purchased, and now it’s time to decorate! 


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Nov. 18, 2021

Thanksgiving Dinner 2021 DIY Centerpieces

Thanksgiving Dinner 2021

                                                                   Photo by Nicole Michalou from Pexels

DIY Centerpieces

With Thanksgiving only a week away, people hosting big holiday feasts are rushing to finalize their festive menus, brainstorm party activities, and prep their homes with fall-themed decor. 


Department stores have vast selections of holiday decor, but sometimes the classic fall decor is not the look we are going for. Something unique and personalized may work better.


If you’re hosting Thanksgiving for your friends and family this year, we want to help make your preparation process a bit easier, and we want your table to be as inviting as possible!


We hope these centerpiece ideas get you inspired and extra excited for Thanksgiving.


1. Cupboard Centerpieces

Making crafts that require items we already have stocked in our cupboards makes crafting a whole lot simpler. No trip to the store, no searching aisles, no expensive purchases. Just an easy-peasy craft project.


For this centerpiece, you’ll need popcorn kernels, candles, twine, and vases. Wine glasses, mason jars, and similar glass containers work as well.


Tie a twine knot around your vases, fill them halfway with popcorn kernels, then place candles in each of the vases. Scented and unscented candles work for this centerpiece.


If you want more detail to your centerpiece, feel free to add other ingredients to your crafting. Dried beans and dried peas, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and pistachios all make great fillers, too. 


2. Floral Centerpieces

Pumpkins are great vases for Thanksgiving floral arrangements. Simply remove the seeds and arrange the flowers in the pumpkin until it’s perfect. Ceramic and plastic pumpkins work just as well and take less time to make.


Placing fall flowers in mason jars and tin vases creates a rustic thanksgiving feel. Centering flowers down the length of the table is simple yet elegant. 


There are all sorts of ways to use flowers as centerpieces, get creative, and arrange in whatever way feels best for you.


3. Fruit Centerpieces

Fruit centerpieces are beautiful and incredibly simple to make. 


Take any fruit of your liking—apples, pears, oranges, and squash work especially well in Thanksgiving centerpieces—and place them in the middle of your table nestled atop a wooden cheese board covered in sprigs of thyme and rosemary.


4. Kid’s Centerpieces

One of the cutest centerpieces possible is Thanksgiving crafts made by the kids in your family. 


Many teachers have their students make hand turkeys in November, and these make great additions to any Thanksgiving centerpiece, but they can also be a fun at-home art project.


Paper fan turkeys are so fun to make for kids with a bit more patience, and the way they prop up makes them the perfect centerpiece for Thanksgiving.


5. Scented Centerpieces

Fall-scented candles are wildly popular but don’t give up on the unscented candles hiding at the back of your junk drawer just yet.


The idea for this scented centerpiece is similar to the cupboard centerpiece; you’ll fill a vase with dried ingredients and light a candle inside the vase. However, using coffee beans, hazelnuts, and cinnamon sticks will create a soft, fall scent under the warm glow of the unscented candle.


As an alternative to placing cinnamon sticks inside the vase, consider getting rid of the vase altogether. Cinnamon sticks can be glued onto an unscented candle using a hot glue gun, and the candles will give off a lovely cinnamon scent just the same.


One Last Thing

If every centerpiece idea you have seen or thought of doesn’t intrigue you, Thanksgiving dinner makes a great centerpiece, too! 


Happy (almost) Thanksgiving, everyone.

Nov. 11, 2021

LA Food Banks

Local Food Banks

                                            Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Volunteer In LA

This list of food banks is for anyone who may need it, and anyone who wants to help.


1. Burbank Food Bank

The Burbank Food Bank is a branch of the Salvation Army that ensures families and individuals leave with enough food to last three to five days.


Volunteers sort and organize the donations, serve food, and can help with additional tasks that may arise during their scheduled shift.


2. Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank is an amazing resource that locates food pantries across the city, making it easier for everyone to find their local food pantry.


With the assistance of volunteers at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, over 700 partner organizations can provide food in every part of Los Angeles. 


3. Project Angel Food

Project Angel Food is a non-profit organization that delivers prepared meals to people with critical illnesses. In the past 32 years, Project Angel has provided more than 13 million meals to people across Los Angeles.


Volunteers put together meals and hand-deliver them, call to chat and check-in with clients, or package letters and make bracelets to ship to clients.


4. Senior Breakfast & Grocery Pantry

The Senior Breakfast & Grocery Pantry serves breakfast to almost 200 seniors every Friday morning, with every senior getting a bag full of groceries as they leave.


Volunteers will help prepare and serve breakfast, as well as put together and pass out the groceries. 


5. World Harvest Food Bank

A cart full of groceries is available for every family or individual who comes to World Harvest Food Bank, with the average cart carrying nearly 200 pounds of food!


Ways to help include volunteering your time, with each volunteer shift lasting four hours, or you can make a monthly donation, which is used to deliver food to other distributor organizations and maintain the facility.


One Last Thing

More volunteer events will begin to open for signups as we get farther into the holiday season. Keep an eye out for more opportunities to help!

Nov. 4, 2021

Giving Back This Fall, November Volunteer Events

Giving Back This Fall

                                                                            Photo by Julia M Cameron from Pexels

November Volunteer Events

Volunteering is an especially popular activity during the holiday season. With the joy and appreciation the holidays bring for many people, there is a heightened desire to give back to our communities. Thankfully, volunteers are needed year-round, so the opportunities are endless!


1. Family Day of Service: Sweet Dreams and Bright Smiles

The Assistance League of Los Angeles will host the Family Day of Service: Sweet Dreams and Bright Smiles event on Saturday, November 13th, from 10am to 1pm. 


In-person volunteers will collect and sort personal care items and create fleece blankets for the AL’s different programs, including the Preschool Learning Center, Foster Children’s Resource Center, and Operation School Bell. In-person dropoff is an option as well, and all items donated must be packaged and unused. 


Those unable to attend in-person can support the Assistance League of Los Angeles with a monetary donation or by ordering off their Amazon Wishlist. Donations and orders must be made before November 13th.


AL’s goal is to gather 3,400 personal care products and 100 fleece blankets, and with several ways to contribute, everyone can participate however works best for them.


2. The We in Me: Community Care Kits

HomeLA, The Box, Emily Marchand, and Caitlyn Montgomery have collaborated to create The We in Me: Community Care Kits, a volunteer event meant to aid the homeless population in Los Angeles while generating conversations between parents and children about homelessness.


Groups of eight volunteers have 45 minutes to package 16 kits in total. The kits are distributed to Skid Row organizations such as the Downtown Women’s Center, Inner-City Arts, and the Brown Bag Lady.


Volunteering occurs on Sunday, November 14th, and reservations are required to attend. Arrival time slots are available for 9am, 10am, 11am, and 12pm. 


3. Los Angeles Mission Thanksgiving Celebration

The Los Angeles Mission is hosting its annual Thanksgiving dinner, and volunteers are needed to assist with food preparation and serving hot meals.  


With the help of volunteers, the Mission is able to provide thousands of pounds worth of food to homeless people and families during the holidays. The Thanksgiving Celebration alone consists of nearly five thousand pounds of food.


The Mission also shares Bibles, and thousands of blankets and tarps to assure shelter during cold winter nights.


Volunteers must first make an account on VolunteerHub and participate in an orientation before signing up for a specific volunteer event. The Mission offers Christmas and Easter volunteer opportunities as well.


4. Oceanic Global Los Angeles Beach Cleanup 

This coming Sunday, November 7, Oceanic Global's Los Angeles Hub is holding a beach cleanup at Venice Beach between 10am and 12pm, and it is a great volunteer opportunity for families.


All necessary supplies will be included, like gloves and bags. The supplies are reusable, and attendees should also bring reusable water bottles and ocean-friendly sunscreens with them.


5. Los Angeles Regional Food Bank
Food is necessary, so the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank offers year-round volunteer opportunities to ensure that people who need food get food.


Volunteer locations include community and senior centers, schools and shelters, soup kitchens, and more. Those who sign up to help can expect to do things such as stocking new items and keeping an inventory of all foods. 


Personal hygiene kits can be made from home for those unable to volunteer in person. All items included in the personal hygiene kit should be unused and unopened items you have purchased. The kits can then be mailed out or dropped off at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank.


One Last Thing 


There are many volunteer opportunities in Los Angeles supporting a range of causes and communities, and you are bound to find one (or two, or three) that speaks to you. And with the options to drop off items and participate virtually, volunteering is obtainable for even more people!


Oct. 28, 2021

Best Los Angeles Locations for Trick-or-Treating

Best Los Angeles Locations

                                                                            Photo by Nick Fewings

For Trick-or-Treating

Dressing up in costumes for a fun night of trick-or-treating is what Halloween is all about, and in order to do Halloween right, we have to show off our costumes and gather our candy from the best places possible. 


And lucky for us, Halloween in Los Angeles is unmatched!


1. Artesia

The Halloween Spooktacular & Trunk or Treat includes trick-or-treating, of course, and there will also be games and prizes, as well as costume contests for all ages. Artesia residents who pass out candy also wear costumes and decorate their cars, so they are eligible to win contests as well. 


2. Beverly Hills

Start your night at 516 Walden Drive when trick-or-treating in Beverly Hills. This cottage-like home is wickedly whimsical and has been nicknamed the “Beverly Hills Witch’s House.” The entire neighborhood is adorned with haunting decor and the residents even hand out full-sized candies of every kind.


3. Venice

Visit the Venice Canals, located between Dell and Venice Blvd., where residents have maintained their Halloween enthusiasm for years. People dress their homes and boats in adorably spooky decor, with tons of Halloween-themed twinkle lights keeping the canals bright for trick-or-treating. Some residents even wear costumes themselves as they pass out candy.


4. Redondo Beach

If you’re looking to take your kids trick-or-treating and still get them to bed on time, check out the Riviera Village Halloween Trick or Treat event. Make dinner reservations at family-friendly restaurants along the street before heading out for an early evening of trick-or-treating. Roads are closed off so kids will be safe as they head from storefront to storefront collecting candy. 


5. Sierra Madre

Alegria Street in Sierra Madre is a wonderful trick-or-treating location, with stunning craftsman-style homes dressed grass-to-roof in family-friendly Halloween decor. This trick-or-treating location is perfect for beautiful fall-time photos as well.


One Last Thing


Happy Halloween!