Sept. 17, 2020

Home buying with Virtual Tours?

Are people purchasing homes off of

Virtual Tours... The answer is yes!

Although quarantine and travel restrictions mean that buyers cannot actually view homes for sale, the evidence suggests that when restrictions increase, many buyers will spend more time on websites and real estate portals to pass the time and add items of properties of interest to Bookmark until the lockdown ends.

Real estate agents looking for solutions to this problem are increasingly offering sellers the ability to photograph their houses to create virtual visions.

But is this really effective? Is it in the seller's best interest?

The Year of Virtual Tour

Under normal circumstances, the overall goal of virtual travel is to provide customers with an online real estate experience that is more immersive than you can imagine with photos alone, and to induce buyers to book for showing.

However, virtual tours now have a slightly different purpose: to greatly reduce the number of physical viewing that salespeople must consider (and ideally, eliminate them altogether). Through web browsing, buyers can better understand the entire property without having to collect personal recordings in their hearts. The virtual tour provides context for the division of houses, which rooms are on which floors and which rooms are related to each other.


Potential buyers can take the virtual tour before booking in the coronavirus or skip the virtual tour entirely; they should now spend a lot of time familiarizing themselves with online ownership. The involvement of agents should facilitate this practice through the best virtual tour they can create.

The considerations of capturing virtual tours during the coronavirus

Here are other tips on how agents can customize virtual tours during the coronavirus period:

1. Use specific information from the virtual to enhance your understanding of the home.

Many realtors will treat your virtual tour as a marketing strategy.  As a buyer, you should think of it is a real show. There is no doubt that the breathtaking movie scenery of the home is really beautiful and will definitely attract people's attention. Virtual tours are great tools helps buyers make decisions. The more detailed information provided about the property, the better: room size, ceiling height, materials used in the kitchen, bathroom, and floor-add dubbing or overlay text that meets these requirements. All of  this information helps buyers decide if want to see the property in person or just write an offer to get started on negotiations prior to other buyers.

2. Seller Love Virtual Tours 

When a virtual tour tour is provided to buyers. It makes the impact on sellers and their daily lives little easier. Now that buyers are making decisions based on virtual tours. The seller will not have to leave the property on multiple occasions if they are still occuping.

The real impact on the seller will be the initial capture with the Matterport for about 3 hours.  Vendors will bring masks, gloves and disinfectant wipes. The seller will be asked to keep all lights on and open the inner door to minimize contact with the surface and keep it clean after completion.

3. Use correct methods and techniques for virtual screening

With tools like FaceTime or Zoom, agents can actually accompany customers one-on-one. For occupied properties, real estate agents can use virtual private predictions to train sellers. In virtual private projections, buyers, buyer’s agents and listing agents are actually involved.

The National Association of Realtors has provided some great advice and can provide agents with a series of videos called "Pivot in Place". In an episode of the series released on March 30, 2020, Mabel Guzman, Vice President of Public Affairs at NAR 2020, shared some of the best virtual screening practices for serving overseas or traveling customers in the past 5 years. In the video, he suggested:

The correct application is the one you have access to.

FaceTime or Google Hangouts are very popular and are designed to make it easier for customers to view or participate in views. According to the current regulations of the shelter in place, most families can more easily use the technologies and tools they have or are using.

Provide perspective.
It is important notice while doing a virutal tour to note the size of the room. Use existing furniture to add proportions or make a note such as "This door is six feet high and see how high the ceiling is.


Is a virtual tour enough?

In most cases, the live demo will continue after a successful video viewing or virtual experience. According to our Q1 2020 Top Agent Insights, most agents reported that less than 5% of transactions were related to unseen offers before the pandemic. For most buyers, buying a home still seems like too daunting a decision to make online.  However, agents help their clients adapt, make the most of virtual travel and get creative in tough times.

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Sept. 3, 2020

Why Is Now The Time To Make Your Move

Why Now is the perfect time to make a move in Real Estate 


Make A MOVe Now In Real Estate Silicon Beach Homes

The COVID-19 pandemic has had a huge impact on our world - from workers moving to work from home to rising unemployment. In the midst of all this turmoil, the idea of starting your own business now may not have caught your attention. However, for real estate enthusiasts, this can be a good environment to start a real estate business. 

From an investment point of view, there is a lot of business to be done right now, especially if you buy with cash. Although the stock market has performed well in recent years, it has been volatile and unpredictable. 

“The today’s instability means there is a lot of money today and not tomorrow. While property values will also decline, more factors are at stake. For example, if the housing market fails, there will be more tenants. 

Here are four main reasons why this is a good time to invest in real estate. 

1. Lower mortgage rates Since the stock market crash in March, the Fed has cut interest rates twice to counter the economic losses caused by the coronavirus. According to the Federal Reserve System, this step will stimulate an increase in the volume of bank loans to households and businesses and the contribution of funds to the financial system. 

Many economists believe the government will cut interest rates further by the end of 2020. For real estate investors, this means that the cost of leasing real estate companies through mortgages this year will not be high. 

In addition, the number of mortgage applications declined 24% over the previous year, despite low interest rates. According to the Mortgage Bankers Association, this is exactly what many economists expect as consumer confidence in the US housing market will decline in 2020. 

This means that if you take out a mortgage to start a real estate business, it will reduce competition. And because banks rely heavily on loans, they now have great incentives to transfer more money for real estate investments. 

2. Growth in rental demand As the coronavirus pandemic hits the job market and unemployment is expected to rise, more people will want to rent. Anyone looking to buy a home in 2020 is putting off a buying decision. This also explains why the number of mortgage applications has decreased. 

According to Forbes, the share of young people in the US housing market has dropped to around 35%. Experts believe that in the face of stagnating incomes, rising house prices and rising numbers of people living in student debt in big and expensive cities, this trend will continue into the future. 

Furthermore, potential buyers have limited real estate assets, which makes them even more difficult. Real estate and housing construction have been inadequate over the past decade. This fact proves once again that the demand for rental properties will increase by 2020. 

Furthermore, experts predict that the demand will continue after the coronavirus ends until everything returns to pre-pandemic levels. So now is a good time for those looking to start a real estate business to take advantage of low interest rates and buy several rental properties for little money. 

3. New investment opportunities While many people are concerned about the impact of the coronavirus recession on the housing market, experts say these changes are likely to benefit real estate investors. As the pandemic lowers the value of homes, it offers investors an opportunity - you can find and buy distressed properties at a discount! Indeed, distressed properties and foreclosures have hit some real estate markets across the country. If the COVID-19 pandemic lasts long, experts suggest there will be more in the future. 

It is also worth remembering that the seller lists their home at the selling price. This means that those who sell homes on the market understand that this is not the best time to bargain. The agent advises the seller to take reasonable precautions to avoid frightening potential buyers. Therefore, depending on your risk appetite, the next few months could be a good time to buy real estate and start a real estate investment business. 

Plus, you now have time on your side, so you don't have to rush to find real estate deals. Never forget that the success of a real estate business depends on the number of transactions. Before moving, be sure to analyze your rental property and calculate your ROI. We can help you - find out more about how we can help you make faster and smarter real estate investment decisions. 



Now, as an emerging real estate investor, the most important thing to remember is that you have the time and technology. Although people have been worried that the coronavirus will decline, the end of the tunnel is still glowing. During this time, you can spend a few hours to develop a real estate business plan, explore competitive markets, or just improve your understanding of real estate investment. In addition, investment tools like will make it easier to enter real estate in 2020. 

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Aug. 26, 2020

The Best Weekend Getaways Around LA

Great Trips to take around Los Angeles while people are social distancing 


Los Angeles Getaways

You cooked as much as you can and see as many things as possible, and just last night, you were spotted stocking on indoor plants. Of course, it's time to leave the city for a day. Fortunately, Los Angeles is full of possible destinations. 

Whether you are doing spiritual exploration in the desert, extreme hiking or just gazing at the sea, SoCal can meet your requirements, but sometimes it is difficult to plan, especially in the era of social distance. Therefore, we have outlined top ten destinations, each with its own travel itinerary so that you can (safely) end your day and return to refreshed Los Angeles. 

1. Los Angeles County Beaches Los Angeles County's beaches are now open, but there are restrictions. That is, they are only open for active use such as swimming, cycling, surfing, and hiking. This means that people cannot lie on the beach nor have a picnic. Parking on the beach is open. 

2. County Splash Pads in Los Angeles Los Angeles County will reopen the fenders and swim on the beach on July 9th. Children who play with fenders and swim on the beach do not have to wear masks, but guardians must wear masks and keep their distance. Group meetings are also not allowed. 

3. Disney City Center Various shops and restaurants (including Disney World Stores) have reopened in downtown Disney. They have introduced new health and safety measures under the direction of the health authorities. Wait for a temperature check before entering. Guests 2 years and older must use a face mask. 

4. Oxnard Everyone is looking for new ways to immediately buy quality products. Combine this with your desire to leave town and drive PCH to Oxnard. This coastal farming town in Ventura County is called the "Strawberry Capital of the World" and soon you'll know why. To the naked eye, the strawberry fields are set up on the road and the air constantly emits a sweet and fruity smell - this is strawberry heaven, don't get me wrong, this is the best thing you will have. 

5. IDYLLWILD When you think of the mountainous areas near Los Angeles, you immediately think of Big Bear. However, if you are looking for a real desert vacation, you should contact Idyll Wild. Small towns in the San Jacinto Mountains offer better walks, better scenery, and some people. When you arrive, go straight to the town bakery for coffee, pastries, and one of the best cinnamon rolls you will ever have. Hiking is part of Idyllwild's DNA, so it's easy to find top-notch hiking trails. In other words, you should go to Suicide Rock. Despite its strict name, this six-mile route is relatively easy and offers an exceptional view of Yosemite. 


6. Santa Barbara Santa Barbara is only 90 minutes away from the 101 shopping mall and has long been one of the most popular attractions in Los Angeles. With the rapid emergence of the Funk Zone for wine soaking, you will want to drive directly to Metroulos Fine Foods upon arrival. The family-run Greek market and gourmet restaurant offer delicious takeaway sandwiches and spacious terraces (if you don’t want to dine in the car). Here, prepare hiking shoes when you are going to climb the mountain. Inspiration Point is one of SB's most popular hiking activities. Although the scenery is unparalleled, we like to go for a three-mile hike to Seven Falls, especially in autumn when the waterfalls are still very fierce in spring. Stop for dinner at Bibi Ji. Bibi Ji is an excellent downtown Indian restaurant that currently sells a $25 takeaway tandoor kit as well as courtyard wine and music. Spend a great day on the hood of your car and enjoy the sunset at Loon Point Beach. 

7. Julian Located about an hour east of Santiago, Julian is an old mountain town that is still unpopular on most day trips to Angelenos, which is why we love it so much. In the center of this small town, you'll feel like you're in the old west, while the surrounding countryside offers walks to the Volcano Sanctuary and William Hayes Park. In town, ordering goods through the Julian Pie Company delivery window is your first business. Grab a piece of boysenberry straight away and then one of the famous Dutch apple pies to use at home later. 

8. Los Alamos Los Alamos has always been a dusty cow city. For more than a century, trains have reached the central coast from Santa Barbara. This beauty continues to this day, except that it now has a variety of restaurants, bars and shops, making it one of the most interesting towns in California. Your first stop should be Bob's Well Bread, a small pastry shop/cafe with large side panels and some of our favorite coastal breakfast foods. There are many hiking trails, but the best way to explore the area is by bike. 

9. Palm Springs In all fairness, if your long weekend in Palm Springs is the best to experience it by the pool with a strong cocktail in hand, but if the requirements aren't met at the moment, a day trip is enough. We always start with brunch at Real Italian Deli, a family-run sandwich shop that currently offers street food. The "combination" with meat is our first choice, but if you're looking for something lighter, Capless is sure to come along. From there, hike five miles south of downtown along the Murray Canyon Trail to explore various palm oases and the Seven Sisters waterfalls. If the idea of a desert tour is agonizing for you, pick a day and then travel around town to see all of the mid-century modern homes and pretend you live there. 


10. Central Coast, Of course, you can spend a few weeks walking along the Central Coast, but if you only have one day, we suggest you take I-5 to Paso Robles and then slowly descend along 101. At the Buddha Bowl at Thomas Hill Organics in Paso, grab a beer on the way to Firestone Walker and head south to San Luis Obispo. After getting lost in the tree-lined center of this University City, take photos in front of the legendary Madonna Hotel, otherwise the trip may never have happened. 

June 25, 2020

Marina del Rey Water Taxi

Marina del Rey Water Taxi
The Marina del Rey Water Taxi Is Open Again For Summer 2020



After much anticipation, the Marina del Rey Water Taxi is Open again for Summer 2020.  The Water Taxi generally operates from the end of May through early September however due to COVID-19 the opening has been delayed.

As of June 26th, the Marina del Rey Water Taxi will be operational through September 7th, 2020. Locals and visitors alike can enjoy a calm boat ride around the Marina for only $1.00.

This is a great opportunity to see and enjoy the local Marina life such as the local Sea Lions, Pelican, and the Large Yachts that call Marina del Rey Home.  

The water taxi has eight stops around the Marina. The stops include Fisherman's Village, Burton Chase Park, Marina Beach, Dolphin Marina, Del Rey Landing, and our favorite stop Esprit 1.

Our office is conveniently located just steps from the Esprit 1 stop so if you do stop there remember to come by the office and say Hi!

We love seeing the locals out and about. 

Our favorite stop on the water taxi ride is Fisherman's Village. The little outdoor mall has an awesome Ice Cream store which is a way to cool off on a hot day,.  

If you time it right you can be out on the water taxi while the sun is setting. It is a perfect way to end the day in Marina del Rey for very little money. We hope we get to see many of our friends and fans enjoying this wonderful amenity Marina del Rey has to offer. 

Remember to wear your face mask while enjoying the water taxi as it is required by Los Angeles county still.

If you have any questions about the Water Taxi or would like us to get you a ticket give us a call at 424-272-0916


Here is a link for the Water Taxi Website


Silicon Beach Homes

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March 11, 2020

The Quaint Walk-Streets of Venice Beach


Venice Walk StreetsVenice is most known for the gorgeous warm sand and blue pacific waters, but locals know that the town has so much more to offer. 

One of the secrets of Venice Beach that locals enjoy are “walk-streets.” Throughout Venice Beach there is an abundance of narrow passageways that showcase an array of architectural and landscaping talent. Take a day and enjoy these pedestrian pathways that follow through scenic residential bungalows, cottages, and colorful gardens. 

Walk-streets include Marco Place, Amaroso Place and Nowita Place - west of Lincoln Boulevard and east of Shell Avenue. Many residents in these neighborhoods will be happy to greet you when traveling through their community with appreciation and respect.

You can spend most of the day exploring these walk-streets, but unlike hiking trails, when hunger steps in there are plenty of yummy places to catch a bite.    


If you are craving some Mexican food, then check out Casablanca Restaurant. Casablanca is known for introducing a new type of Mexican food to Venice Beach. Their menu contains many of the traditional Mexican entrées but also includes lesser-known Mexican foods. Among their lesser-known specialties is Calamari steak. They also specialize in home-made tortillas. Don’t believe us? Well head into the restaurant and watch as they make them right in front of you then bring them piping hot to your table! 

Not in the mood for Mexican? Then maybe Baby Blues BBQ is for you! It is full blown southern BBQ style cooking and there are not many things in the world that’s better than that! They have everything from Memphis-style rib to Mexican Tiger Prawns topped with New Orleans-style remoulade. You can also get some of the best home-style Mac and Cheese at Baby Blues. No need to worry about calories because you can continue to work it off when you get back outside on your walk!

The walk-streets start at Amoroso Pl. and Lincoln Ave. You can get there by transit from the Spring/1st stop in Downtown LA take the 733 Bus towards Santa Monica. Get off at Venice/Lincoln and walk about 5 minutes north along Lincoln Ave until you reach Amoroso Pl. 

Or if you decide to come by car, drive in from the 10 Freeway West take the exit toward Lincoln Blvd/CA-1S. Merge onto Olympic Blvd. Then turn left onto Lincoln Blvd and drive for about 2 miles. Amoros Pl. will be on your right.

March 4, 2020

Spring Forward with Silicon Beach Homes

Spring into the New Season.

A note from our Founder for Spring 2020

Erin P. Alls Silicon Beach Homes Founder



Hello to all of our Family, Friends, and Fans,


Spring is in the air and it’s time to spring forward into daylight savings.


Do not forget to forward your clocks on March 8th, 2020 (This coming Sunday)


Now is when the flowers start to bloom as does the housing market. 


Much like a flower opening into full bloom our housing market is about to do just that. 


The recent rare rate cut by a half-point to a range of 1% to 1.25% is going to spring sleepy buyers into action. 


Imagine yourself locking into a loan with an interest rate that is lower than what we have seen in almost 30 years.  


This is the time for anyone to get into the real estate market. Money has never been cheaper to borrow. 


Now we will have longer days which will give homebuyers more opportunities to tour properties after work while it's still light out. 


With more purchasing power available to borrowers people will be more enticed to go out and explore their options.  They may be able to afford an area or price range that they could not have been able to afford a year ago. 


We predict the spring housing market will be a hot one and here are few tips to prep you if you want to take a dip into homeownership.


1. Know your purchasing power. 

Take the time to get pre-approved. We do not want you to go to a property to fall in love and then determine you can not afford it. 


2. Zero in one what are your “Must-Haves”

If you need to have a large kitchen where you can cook a great meal for friends or family.  Share that with your Silicon Beach Homes agent. We want to know what makes you smile so we can Zero in on items while previewing homes for you.


3. Be Optimistic, Flexible and Patient

We understand purchasing the largest investment of your life can be daunting but we also know it is WORTH it! Owning a home is the fastest way to build wealth and security for your future. We are here for you every step of the way.  If you do not see your forever home on the first tour or third tour we will still be here.

Flexibility will get you a long way in Real Estate, remember just because you wanted to be in a certain neighborhood but you can’t right now due to budget constraints other factors. DO NOT GIVE UP. Building upon equity and upgrading homes should be your Real Estate plan.  Most people own homes for 5-8 years and continue to upgrade as they go. Think of your Real Estate as a building block investment that requires Patience with a plan.



We look forward to helping you achieve your Real Estate Goals. We hope with our innovative website coupled with our outstanding customer service that we will be your partner in your in achieving your wildest Real Estate Dreams. Cheers to Spring 2020.


With Love,


Erin P. Alls

Founder of Silicon Beach Homes


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Feb. 26, 2020

Our Favorite Surf Shops in Silicon Beach

In a place that is sunny and warm all year long, you can bet that surfing is a big part of daily life in Silicon Beach. Whether you are an expert who needs a new wetsuit or a newbie who simply needs a board, there are plenty of places to go around Silicon Beach. We’ve listed some of our favorites below!

Maui & Sons

“You will always be welcomed in with a smile and a ready hand to help with whatever you need,” says the Maui and Sons website.

Maui & Sons opened its doors in 2008 on the Venice Boardwalk and has since become a colorful staple.

“Maui & Sons Retail Surf Shop received a warm welcome from Venice locals and tourists alike,” says the website. The surf shop offers everything from surf lessons and board rentals to board shorts and rash guards.

The shop also has men, women and children’s clothing in both surf and skater brands.


The store is located at 1415 Ocean Front Walk, Venice and you can reach the shop at (310) 392-6284.



One Wave Surf

Created by a Los Angeles local in 2003, One Wave Surf is the brainchild of Tyler Trafas. Trafas came up with the idea for One Wave Surf while repairing surfboards in his garage. He realized that many people threw out damaged boards that could be refurbished and used.

He began buying and refurbishing used surfboards, creating a new and eco-friendly business. He made high-quality boards at low cost, keeping considerable synthetic materials out of the landfills and atmosphere.

One Wave Surf has since added advanced coaching, surf guides, adventure travel, and surf-oriented Yoga instruction to the list of services. 

One Wave Surf is located at 1 45th St, Manhattan Beach, CA or call them at (323) 521-9283.


Mollusk Surf Shop

Mollusk is not your run of the mill surf shop. Yes, they sell surfboards, wetsuits and gear, but they also sell movies, book and art. What began as a surf shop has evolved into a “cultural institution that integrates surfing, art, craft, music, film, and visual media,” their website states.


Mollusk sells product made by friends and neighbors, host art shows in their galleries, and function as a concert venue. They also welcome surfers and artists alike to hangout in their stores.

Mollusk Surf Shop is located at 1600 Pacific Ave, Venice and you can contact them at (310) 396-1969


Feb. 19, 2020

The Best Juice Bars in Silicon Beach

In the last half-decade or so, the Juice industry has completely reinvented itself. Juice is no longer just the O.J. that your mom picks up at the grocery store; it is now a highly personalized experience. From ordering organic fresh pressed produce, to unique flavor shots, there is always a juice option for you!

Silicon beach is home to so many great Juice Bars, and below we have listed a few that juice enthusiasts are just going to have to try! 



LA Pressed

LA pressed is Opening Soon in The Esprit Building Located in Marina del Rey. Their Organic Cold Pressed Juices are a hit with Angelinos. The Menu includes Cold Pressed Juices like "The Farmers Market" which has ingredients such as carrots, celery, and Beet Juice. They also have a wide range of smoothies on the Menu. A crowd favorite is "Rush Hour" An expresso smoothie with Almond milk and cashews and vanilla dates. LA Pressed uses all organic ingredients and has a "Belly Rewards" program for its most active customers.




Pressed is one of the most popular places to get some of the tastiest and healthiest drinks around. Pressed believes that “living well shouldn't be a compromise,” and promises to give you a drink that is both yummy and healthy. They cold-press farm fresh produce and ship it nationwide overnight so that you will have fresh juice no matter where you are. No more waiting in long lines at noisy juice bars, simply grab and go—it’s that easy!

Pressed also has a wide selection of drinks. It has everything from seasonal juice flavors, to green juices, to classic fruity flavors.



Juice Served Here 

With 21 raw juice flavors and 21 more flavor shots, you are never without an option at Juice Served Here!

And Juice Served Here delivers right to your door, so absolutely no more waiting in line! They even have a package deal for those of you who know that you can’t go a single day without your juice! “You have the option to order 1, 4, or 8 juice cartons.  Choose if you want them all at once, or delivered one carton at a time,” their website boasts.

And if you decide to do a juice cleanse, they have 3 different options for you to choose from, so that you can find the one that works best for you!



Moon Juice

Moon Juice offers a huge variety of organic and natural options. And at Moon Juice you can add a little spice to your life, and your drink! At Moon Juice you can add “Dusts” to your drinks. You can add “Brain Dust” to “increases mental flow by feeding neurotransmitters and brain tissue.” Or you can add “Goodnight Dust” which “tranquilizes blood flow, promotes natural melatonin release and stabilizes REM.” And the best part is that each dust is still all natural—so instead of putting chemicals and medications into your body, you can heal in all natural ways. 

Each Juice Bar offers their customers different things, so try them all out and see which one works best for you!


Feb. 12, 2020

Valentine's Day in Silicon Beach

Photo via Flickr


Love is in the air. Valentine’s Day is here, and we have some of the perfect places to take the love of your life this February 14TH!  If you haven't already made plans we have a great list here to get started. 


James Beach - Venice Beach

James Beach is doing its "Weekend for Lovers" this weekend. Named the most romantic restaurants in Silicon Beach it has been proven to be a romantic spot for anyone with a Valentine. The Valentine's Day prefix starts around $70 which includes 2 glasses of bubbly. View it's full menu here!


1 Pico

Dine at 1 Pico this Valentine’s Day located in the Santa Monica Famous Shutters!  Choose from appetizers such as Sushi Grade Tuna with Hamachi and yuzu, Santa Barbara Spot Prawns with crispy ginger rice, or Spring Green Pea Soup with Manila clam. Entrée options include Hokkaido Scallop with passion fruit, Prime Beef & Maine Lobster with citrus, to name a few. For dessert enjoy a delectable Dark Chocolate Carmel Tart, Puff Pastry Almond Pear Tartlet or Homemade Brioche Tiramisu. View the full menu here!

Locanda del Lago


Looking forward to a Lady and the Tramp moment this Valentine’s Day? Then opt for Italian at Locanda del Lago. The menu includes Cuori di Mare al Burro with Main Lobster, Insalata di Capesante with blood orange, Gamberoni alla Griglia with grilled jumbo prawns, and Fragole Affogate al Cioccolato with housemade champagne sorbet. And treat your sweetheart to a romantic dessert, including, but not limited to, a flourless chocolate cake, Tiramisú and a dessert Martini. For reservations call (310) 451-3525. 




Spoil your loved one this Valentine’s Day and bring your date to Chef Josiah Citrin’s Michelin two-star traditional French restaurant. For $295 per person (February 14TH) you can choose from a specially curated menu of Foie Gras Terrine with blood orange and macadamia nougatine, Stonington Maine Diver Scallop with whipped saffron butter, and  Sonoma Lamb with chanterelle mushrooms, to name a few. And if you decide to celebrate Valentines day early this year (February 10, 11 and 12), this meal is just $175 per person.

Sweet Rose Creamery





Looking for a simply sweet way to end your night? Look no further than Sweet Rose Creamery. Sweet Rose, will be serving a Sweetheart Sundae for $9.25 throughout the month of February. This special dessert features raspberry ice cream drizzled with hot fudge and topped with crispy almonds and raspberry meringue kisses – a perfect post-dinner treat to share with one’s Valentine.



Feb. 6, 2020

Santa Monica Canyon—The Countryside of Santa Monica


The winding roads and steep canyon walls make it hard to believe you’re only a short drive away from the hustle and bustle of Los Angeles. 

The quiet countryside was once home to the Gabrieleno Indians and had been under both Spanish and Mexican control before ‘Alta California’ was ceded to the United States in 1847. It was under Mexican control when land grants were offered to the two gentlemen who started it all. 

Francisco Marquez and Ysidro Reyes built the first homes in Santa Monica Canyon in 1834. In time, the canyon began to attract other Los Angeles natives who were looking for a peaceful getaway. Small tents and picnics quickly started to trail the mouth of The Canyon. By 1872, a hotel opened near the waterfront advertising, “Come and enjoy yourself- A week at the beach will add ten years to your life.”

As the popularity of The Canyon grew, the state began auctioning off pieces of the unsettled land. In July of 1875, one auction read: “On Wednesday afternoon at one o’clock we will sell at public outcry to the highest bidder, the Pacific Ocean draped with a sky of scarlet gold." 

The promise of a “scarlet gold” sky and the appeal of having a rustic place to settle down brought herds of people, and soon businesses, to the newly booming town. In December of 1875, a railroad had been built to Shoofly Landing where Colorado Ave reaches the beach today. 

With the railroad in place, people from across California now had access to the countryside. Popular activities included croquet, horseback riding, and, of course, swimming. As day turned to night, you could be promised the sound of live music as people danced and laughed. 

Though the trains full of travelers have long stopped running, the appeal of The Canyon remains unaltered. To this day it is still a quaint and quiet place to call home.

The Canyon has both some of the highest priced and the most affordable real estate in the 90402 zip code and is home to an award-winning LAUSD Canyon Elementary school.

If you are looking for a place to raise your children outside of the bustling city lifestyle, then Santa Monica Canyon is the place for you.