Feb. 6, 2023

Valentines Day in Los Angeles 2023



Valentine's Day in Los Angeles: 


Happy Valentines Day in Los Angeles 2023


A Guide to Celebrating Love 

in the City of Angels


Are you looking for a fun way to celebrate Valentine’s Day in Los Angeles this year? The agents at Silicon Beach Homes have some ideas for you!


Valentine's Day is a special day for couples worldwide, and Los Angeles is no exception. Our enchanting city is home to various romantic experiences, from fine dining and luxurious spa treatments to breathtaking scenic views and outdoor adventures. Whether you're looking for a classic romantic dinner or a more unique experience, Los Angeles has something for everyone this Valentine's Day.


1. Fine Dining

For a more traditional option, celebrate Valentine’s Day at one of the many romantic restaurants in Los Angeles. Some of the city's most popular fine dining restaurants include Spago in Beverly Hills, Hayato in the Downtown Arts District, and Providence in Hollywood. Each restaurant offers a unique and romantic atmosphere paired with an exquisite menu and world-class service.


2. Spa Treatments

For a relaxing and pampering experience, consider a couples spa treatment. Los Angeles is home to some of the best spas in the world, offering a wide range of treatments and services. Treat yourselves to a couples massage or a luxurious soak in a private hot tub at a famous spa, like the Four Seasons Los Angeles, The Ritz Carlton, or the Beverly Hills Hotel.


3. Cultural Activities

For couples who enjoy cultural experiences, Los Angeles offers plenty of options. Visit the Getty Center or the Museum of Contemporary Art for a day of art appreciation, or take a tour of the city's historic landmarks and attractions. For a more interactive experience, consider visiting Universal Studios Hollywood or the Hollywood Walk of Fame.


4. Outdoor Adventures

Los Angeles is also desirable for couples seeking outdoor adventures. Take a scenic hike at Griffith Park, visit the Santa Monica Pier for a sunset stroll, or take a scenic drive along Pacific Coast Highway for breathtaking views. Whether you're looking for an adrenaline rush or a peaceful walk, Los Angeles has plenty of options for an adventurous Valentine's Day.


One Last Thing

No matter how you spend your Valentine's Day in Los Angeles, our beautiful city will provide you and your love with a romantic and memorable holiday.


Happy Valentine’s Day!


Written By: Dev Rhuby



Jan. 31, 2023

Was the Last Quarter of 2022 the End for a Depressed Housing Market?




Was the Last Quarter of 2022 the End 

for a Depressed Housing Market? 

With the new year, many predictions were made regarding what the market might look like this year. Some experts predict that the last quarter of 2022 was the end to this depressed housing market era and here's why. 


According to the California Association of Realtors, January’s Market Data Report was looking quite optimistic. As explained in the report, the daily average of closed sales is at 363 closes per day, on top of that we are seeing an average of 188 new listings per day and 231 pending sales. REALTORS® are predicting that sales will be up by 23.5% and listings will be up by nearly 40% within the next few months. Although it is not expected to see a drastic change in home prices, there was a slight decline in the median of home prices statewide. Some experts go as far as saying we may not see a huge tilt in the market this year; not quite favoring either buyers or sellers but a more balanced market. 


Although interest rates may seem like a nightmare, NerdWallet reports that over the last 50 years, 30-year mortgage rates have averaged 7.5%. CNET shares that although in 2023 we may be seeing higher interest rates, the big increases are most likely staying in the past. Surprisingly within the last few days, there was a slight increase in the 15-year fixed mortgage while the 30-year seemed to trail off. Although the market is constantly changing and it's not always predictable, we are seeing some positives so far this year. 







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Jan. 25, 2023

Everything You Should Know About the LA Mansion Tax




Everything You Should Know About the LA Mansion Tax 


Voters in the city of Los Angeles recently approved Initiative Ordinance ULA, also known as the “ULA tax” or “Mansion Tax.” There are several things this new tax implies so we will share with you what you need to know about it.  


This Ordinance will go in effect April 1st of 2023 and what this Ordinance puts into effect is a tax on properties valued or priced at over $5 million. For those properties between $5 -10 million the tax applied is that of 4%, for properties over $10 million it will be 5.5%. This tax will be levied on top of the already existing city and county tax. If you are wondering if there are any exemptions, there are a few. Those exempt from the ULA tax are non-profit entities, Community Land Trusts, and Limited-Equity Housing Cooperatives. 


Although this Ordinance may disincentivize certain transactions it is possible that certain new developments may be profitable. It is reported that proceeds from the ULA tax may be used by the Los Angeles Housing Department to provide up to $50 million dollars per project. It is estimated that this Ordinance will result in the collection of $600 million - $1.1 billion dollars that are intended for various projects. Although the Apartment Association of Greater Los Angeles challenged the validity of this new tax stating the revenue is to be intended for specific purposes, the litigation is still pending. 




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Jan. 17, 2023

Celebrating the Chinese New Year in LA 2023

Celebrating the Chinese New Year in LA 2023


We are leaving behind the year of the tiger and welcoming the year of the rabbit with the Chinese New Year! We gathered a few different family friendly celebrations going on in the area to celebrate the beginning of the year of the rabbit. 

California Adventure Park 

Although the Chinese New Year starts on the 22nd, celebration at the California Adventure Park on Friday the 20th. You can expect innovative menus honoring Chinese cuisine, kid friendly crafts and activities as well as fun and unique merchandise. The Mulan Lunar New Year procession is a colorful march honoring family, friendship and much more. You can catch all this from January 20th till February 15th. 

Golden Dragon Parade 

It may be the year of the rabbit but the golden dragon will continue to be a showstopper at the annual golden dragon parade. Be a part of one of the oldest celebrations in LA, this year the 124th annual golden dragon parade will be kicking off at 1pm on January the 28th, it will start at Hill and Ord and conclude at Broadway and Cesar Chavez streets. 


Lunar New Year at Santa Monica Place 

After a short hiatus, the celebration continues at Santa Monica Place! You will be greeted with Chinese lion dance performances, dough artists all under red and golden lanterns adorning the Center Plaza. They will also have Cherry Blossom wishing trees where guests can hang their wishes for prosperity and renewal in the new year. This celebration will take place on January 28th starting at 2pm. 






Jan. 12, 2023

How to Prepare Your Home for the Rainy Season



How to Prepare Your Home for the Rainy Season



It is important that with the rain, we know how to properly ensure we are keeping our home safe to avoid costly damage of not only the exterior of the home, but also the interior. Today we have gathered several tips to make sure your home stays safe this rainy season. 


First on our list is keeping your gutters clean. Not only are they designed to make sure the water flows away from your home but they also play an important role in preventing mold and other rain related issues. Rinsing them with the hose is usually enough to remove any debris buildup that could potentially prevent your gutters from doing their job. Another great way to prevent water damage is by resealing your windows and doors. This is important to not allow water outside your home but also to keep the heat inside. 


Perhaps a no-brainer but still worth the mention would be to check your roof and any skylights to make sure they are leak proof. If you would like some professional advice you can reach out to an inspector from our vendors list. You may also want to protect any outdoor equipment you may have in your patios or backyards such as outdoor furniture, barbeque and anything else you may want to shelter from the rain. If you live in an area that is of high risk of getting floods you may also want to consider checking out your basement (if applicable) and perhaps getting a hold of some sandbags to redirect the water towards drainage areas. 






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Jan. 4, 2023

A Look Inside the Beverly Hilton Hotel

A Look Inside the Beverly Hilton Hotel


LA is home to many internationally known hotels, recognized by their glitz and glamor and their ability to host some of the most televised award ceremonies in the world. Next week the Beverly Hilton Hotel will be hosting the 80th annual Golden Globes. For those who may not know, the Golden Globes Awards Ceremony is like the much more casual and laid back cousin of the Oscars where celebrities gather around round tables enjoying dinner and bubbly. The Beverly Hilton Hotel hosts many events per year, it is known for its lavish glamor and it is the perfect combination of Hollywood fun and entertainment with the prestige of Beverly Hills. 


Since 1961, the Golden Globes have been hosted at the Beverly Hilton Hotel in the hotel’s famously known international ballroom which can host up to 1,400 guests. The international ballroom is one of the most famous ballrooms in Los Angeles. It is engineered with five million dollars worth of audio equipment and it is the only ballroom in the world to feature custom built-in technology. The iconic 67 year old hotel hosts over 200 events a year. Manager Micahel Robertson states that the hotel turns into a small city for this event considering the number of people totals up to 6,000 with guests, staff which includes, security, media, servers and much more. 


Unlike most award ceremonies, the Golden Globes does not sell filler seats and is invite only, however, tickets for the bleacher seating during the red carpet are sold (at a very upscale price of course). This leaves most of us watching it from the comfort of our own home! 






Jan. 2, 2023

New Market Trends



New Year, New Market Trends


The New Year will be bringing along new market trends throughout the course of the year. We thought we’d give you a heads up on what the experts are predicting will happen in 2023. Although they don’t expect to fully turn into a buyers market, there are some things that are looking up for those who want to buy. 


According to an article published by MarketWatch, this year we are expected to see an increase in inventory. For those looking to buy, there will be a larger number of homes to look at. Another great thing going for those who are looking to buy this year is that the competition will have toned down, you can say goodbye to the crazy bidding wars. Now with the competition cooling down, buyers will no longer have to see themselves in a position where they need to waive contingencies in order to boost their chances.   


An article released by The World Property Journal, shared with its readers the top five must haves for first time buyers. You might be shocked to find out that these must haves are not spas, chef kitchens or walk-in closets, instead, at the top of the list in things first time buyers are looking for are backyards. According to this article, one in five Willow listings highlight their backyard features. Home trend expert Amanda Pendleton states the pandemic left people embracing their backyards for entertainment and is now being seen as an extension of their home.


As always, whether you are looking to buy or sell, we can help you achieve your real estate goals! 

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Dec. 22, 2022

Best Christmas Lights 2022


Best Christmas Lights 2022



If you want to enjoy some colorful holiday cheer, we have just the write up to get you in on all the best Christmas light displays in the LA area. Take some time to escape the chaos the holiday season brings, pack a sweater, gather your favorite people and go on a Christmas light display adventure. 


Venice Canal 

The Venice Canal offers a slice of quaint charm amidst the grandeur of the city by decorating its bridges each year. Leave your car behind to avoid the narrow one-way Dell Ave, and take a cool evening stroll through its charming neighborhood covered in all the twinkle and shimmer you could possibly need. 


Lightscape - The Arboretum 

Open till January 8th, you can enjoy this light extravaganza with the whole family. Perfectly combining lights, music and art, you can’t ask for a more wholesome holiday enjoyment. Lightscape is an internationally acclaimed experience, you must attend if you’re local!


Holiday Light Festival - Griffith Park 

With over thousands of lights to get you into the holiday spirit, Griffith Park and Southern Railroad welcomes the whole family for an unforgettable experience. A mile long track that features astonishing scenes and many colorful lights, you will not be disappointed. Tickets are $7 per person and they are available for online or in person purchase. 


Burton Chace Park 

Burton Chace Park decorated its trees just like it does every year for the whole month of December. The Marina Lights add a whimsical feel to the already fairy-tale like trees at Burton Chace park. You can make a night out of it, starting off with a waterfront dinner and then taking a stroll through the park to enjoy the light display. 

Dec. 15, 2022

Closing off 2022 for Every Culture



Closing off 2022 for Every Culture



LA itself is a beautiful melting pot of different cultures. Cultures that share their food, music and traditions with us. With the holiday season here, we thought we would share events going on in LA that honor and celebrate those cultures that surround us. 


Posada Festival 

This Sunday, December 18th, there will be a posada festival in downtown Santa Ana starting at 4pm. Posadas are family friendly traditions celebrated by many hispanic communities during the holidays where they join together with music, sweets and warm food. You can expect some of the best tamales, mariachi music, folklorico dance show, piñata party and even a tamale eating contest. Aside from all the fun and food, there will also be toys for tots for an orphanage in Mexico. 


Filipino Lantern Festival 

This Saturday, December 17th, the 5th annual lantern festival will be held in Long Beach starting at 2pm. There will be Filipino food and entertainment. Parols are Filipino ornamental lanterns that are displayed during the Christmas season that are traditionally made of bamboo and Japanese paper. This is an opportunity to emerge yourself into the traditions that are a part of the Filipino culture. 


Hanukkah Festival 

This Sunday, at the Skirball Cultural Center, you can gather for a Hanukkah festival that promises lots of singing, dancing and latkes. There will be live music, sunset candle lighting, a couple of workshops, a hanukkah photo booth and many more fun activities. If you want to learn more about his eight day celebration, this is a great opportunity to not only immerse yourself into the culture but also learn about it. 

Dec. 7, 2022

Christmas Events in Los Angeles 2022


Christmas Events in Los Angeles 




One of the many perks of being in the LA area is the number of events during the holiday season. From family-friendly events to theatrical performances, there is always something going on for all palates. Today we will share a few of the many great events you have to choose from this holiday season. 


Marina del Rey Christmas Boat Parade 

Join us on the 60th annual Christmas Boat Parade here in Marina del Rey this Saturday, December 10th. The night will begin with a fireworks show over the waterline at 5:55pm, then the boat parade starting at 6pm and will go on for two hours. You have two viewing locations to choose from; Burton Chace Park and Fisherman’s Village. There will also be festive drinks and food for you to enjoy. 


Miracle on Main Street Santa Monica 

Santa Monica’s annual holiday event returns this year, Saturday December 10th. You can expect pictures with Santa, roaming Carolers, and two tree lightings. Aside from your classic holiday activities, there will be a kids corner with face painting, petting zoo, and crafts. The event starts at 3pm and goes on till 6pm. 


“A Christmas Carol” the musical 


If you’re looking for some festive sitdown entertainment we have the perfect thing for you. This holiday season you can catch “A Christmas Carol'' the musical at the Rose Center Theatre in Westminster. They have several showing dates up until December 18th. If you’re a lover of theater, this is a classic you can’t miss.