June 21, 2022

Swimming Holes in or around LA



Swimming holes in or around LA



SoCal has a lot to offer, and yes that includes sunny, sandy beach days. Although we are not complaining about having the beach right next to us, it's always fun to explore other swim holes that aren’t the beach so that’s why we have curated a list of swimming holes in or around LA that will give you a different experience! 


Silverwood Lake

Silverwood Lake rests in the heart of the San Bernardino National Forest so you are promised beautiful naturistic scenery all around. Just an hour away from LA you will be able to surround yourself with nature, wildlife and stretches of sandy white beaches. 


Malibu Creek Rock Pool

Located in Malibu State Park, this little gem is just a hike away. This here is a volcanic swimming hole that offers not only acres of beautiful views but also a great way to cool off after a hike. For those who are lovers of biking, it also offers amazing bike trails. 


Switzer falls 

Swizter falls is found in the Angeles National Forest and it is known to be a relatively popular and easy five mile hike, aside from the 50ft waterfall, there are also several swim holes surrounding the area.   


Sandy Cove

Sandy Cove is located in the Kings Canyon National Park, although it’s more of a drive (about 250 miles away from Hollywood) you truly will be rewarded with the scenery and the opportunity for adventure. Here you will not only be able to swim but also hike, kayak and so much more. 


If you catch yourself wanting to cool off this summer but want to explore something other than the beach, be sure to check these out! 





June 16, 2022





Juneteenth is a national US holiday that commemorates the emancipation of enslaved African Americans. On June 19th of 1865, enslaved African Americans in Texas were freed, and although this was over a century ago, it wasn’t until last year that this special date was considered a national holiday. Originally, Juneteenth was celebrated through prayer and family gatherings. Within recent years we have seen more and more events and celebrations displayed in order to celebrate this important day as a community. 


Here in the LA area we can find a number of festivals and celebrations in honor of Juneteenth: 


The Long Beach Juneteenth Celebration: 

Saturday, June 18th there will be an opportunity to celebrate Black culture at Rainbow Laguna Park starting at 10:30am. This event promises family-friendly activities, as well as local vendors, live music, food and drinks. 


Liberation: Festival of Arts & Culture: 

Liberation is a virtual several day long festival returning for their second year. Through this virtual experience they showcase Black creators, from rappers to dancers to poets. These creators will share their journey and process to creating as well as provide prompts for self and collective reflection.


Juneteenth x Los Angeles Black History Month Festival 

This event is hosted by the Open Arms Food Pantry and Resource Center in order to celebrate African American Heritage and the emancipation of African Americans. They have put together a day filled with festivities, panel discussions and performances. The celebration will take place at Westchester Park starting at 10am on June 19th. 


For more information on the events mentioned above, visit the links below:









June 9, 2022

Father's Day in LA 2022



Father’s Day in LA 2022

Malcolm Alls father of our Founder Erin Alls

Father’s Day is just around the corner! LA never disappoints when it comes to planning events for everyone to enjoy, that’s why we have curated a list of fun events all dads and father figures can enjoy. 


For those with outdoorsy, adventurous fathers, there will be a nice morning hike the day before Father’s Day.:


Father’s Day Morning Hike at King Gillette Ranch

The Santa Monica Mountains Fund will be hosting this morning hike on Saturday, June 18th starting at 9:30am. Their goal is to thank all the role models who have left a positive impact on others. The hike is described as short but somewhat steep which leads to a knoll known as Inspiration Point. At the top you will be greeted by a gorgeous 360 degree view. 


And for the car loving dads… 

There will be several opportunities to be immersed into the car world.


Hoods Up! Petersen Automotive Museum

For Father’s Day weekend, starting Friday the 17th all the way through Monday the 20th, the Petersen Museum will be lifting the hoods of some of their most iconic vehicles for car enthusiasts to see the motors that power some of the rarest cars in the world!


Long Beach Car Show and Pancake Breakfast

The annual Car Show and Pancake Breakfast event will celebrate Father’s Day another year with two of dad’s favorite things! The event takes place Sunday June 19th from 8am-11am. 


And for the Father’s that just want to relax:

Father’s Day Sound Bath

On Sunday June 19th Sound Bath Bliss and Breathwork will be hosting a 75 minute sound bath. What better way to give your dad or father figure the gift of relaxation and bliss than by giving them the experience of a transportive sound bath. 

Father’s Day Cruise

What says relaxation better than a 3 day cruise to Ensenada, Mexico? The cruise starts in Long Beach and departs on June 17th and returns on June 20th. Cabins start at $535 per person and they include port taxes, fees and insurance. 


Most Importantly Happy Father's Day to our Dad's out there. Remember it's not what you do on this day it's who you spend it with.


Check out the links for more information of the events mentioned above: 







June 2, 2022

Pride Events 2022



Pride Events 2022


Although we know the importance of supporting and celebrating the LGBTQ+ community not only this month but all year round, the month of June is known for being Pride month and with that comes many events and festivals not only for fun and entertainment but also to support, educate and advocate as well. We have curated a list of Pride events throughout the month for you to check out. 


WeHo Pride Weekend June 3rd-5th 

WeHo Pride will be at West Hollywood park and it promises lots of drag, dance and disco. You can expect many performances, including Jessi J, Lil’ Kim, Years & Years and so much more. 

Aside from the weekend long Pride celebration, there will also be a Pride Parade on Sunday, June 5th which will take off at noon on Santa Monica Blvd starting at N.


LA Pride June 10th-12th

The festival will take place at Los Angeles State Historic Park and will be a weekend full of vendors, entertainment, a beer garden and so much more. You can also expect performances from artists like Christina Aguilera and Anitta.The parade will take place June 12th and step off is at 10:30am. 


Pride is Universal June 24th-25th

Universal Studios will put on an after-hours party from 9pm - 1am, they will keep a selection of rides and attractions still open after hours, as well as cash bars, retail stores and certain restaurants. Tickets can get you in as early as 4pm to enjoy the park for a few hours, they also have the VIP admission which can get you into the park at 2pm. 


Bonus Event, not in June but continuing the celebration in July:

Long Beach Pride July 8th-10th

The Long Beach Pride festival hopes to offer a safe space to entertain, inspire and educate. Aside from musical performances from artists like Iggy Azalea and Natalia Jimenez, they will be creating attractions such as a roller rink, drag makeup booth, and silent disco. There will also be a Pride parade which will take place that Sunday at 10:30am.

For more information, check out the links below: 






May 26, 2022

Tips for Saving Water this Summer



Tips for Saving Water This Summer 



With summer right around the corner, it’s important to make small changes to reduce our water usage. By conserving water we are protecting an essential resource for future generations because a clean and safe water supply should not be up for debate.


According to American Rivers, 30-60% of domestic drinking water is being used in yards and gardens. American Rivers also claims that the U.S. per capita water use is 170 gallons per day (gpd) compared to Australia's 36gpd. Although many counties are already enforcing regulations, there is a lot we can do as individuals from the comfort of our own home to ensure we are limiting our water usage.    


The LA county waterworks district has a page with a list of things you can do daily, weekly and monthly to cut down on your water usage. Here are a few tips they recommend! 



According to LAWCD, there are many things you can do on a daily basis to save water. For those with swimming pools, you can cover up your pool when not being used, this is said to reduce the amount of water needed by 30-50% since you won’t have to be filling it up as often. 


Another tip you have probably heard several times already is to shorten your shower. 

Going from a ten minute to a five minute shower saves 12.5 gallons of water with the use of an efficient showerhead.



For those with gardens, something you can do to save water is watering your plants/ garden early in the morning as it saves 25 gallons each time you water. For your lawn, set the mower blade to “3” to encourage deeper roots, this can save between 16-50 gallons per day. 



A huge issue is sprinklers not working appropriately, making sure you take time to find and fix any leaky sprinkler heads is very important, Another great tip is to check your toilet monthly for any leaks that could be wasting up to 50 gallons of water. 


The LA County waterworks district has many more tips on their website for you to check out at: 



Other sources:



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May 19, 2022

Look up! North of Montana Ave Illuminated


Montana Avenue Light Display 


Picture Courtsey of Montana Ave Light Display

Look up and head out to Montana Avenue this weekend and explore the business district like never seen before! If you aren’t familiar with the area, Montana Avenue is filled with cute boutiques, coffee shops and restaurants. 


After a long day of shopping, you can enjoy a nice meal or snack at one of the many food options and enjoy a nice stroll along the avenue. Montana Avenue is home to more than 150 retailers and restaurants, needless to say, you can find anything and everything you need here. 

The Montana Avenue Merchants Association has revealed the Tree Art & Light Installation along ten blocks of the business district will be on this Saturday, May 21st and you will be able to see it through September 2022. This project was designed to support the economic recovery of these businesses that suffered during the pandemic. 


Much like many local businesses North of Montana Merchants Association hopes events like these will help revitalize the public’s interest in the area.


Montana Avenue wants to welcome back shoppers, residents, and visitors and greet them with a lively and colorful light display. Each block has one tree fully decked out in lights, such as chandeliers and lanterns, or whimsical flowers and butterflies. The Montana Avenue Merchants Association hopes that this colorful display encourages people to walk around and explore the new and already existing businesses.    





May 5, 2022

Polo Season Returns 2022

Polo Season Returns 



Springtime not only welcomes flowers blooming, nice warm weather and gardening, but it also means polo season is back! Polo has made its return to the Will Rogers Historic Polo Fields and we’re here to tell you what makes this field a special one.   


The Will Rogers Historic Polo Field once belonged to actor Will Rogers and he is known to have owned about 359 acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean. After his tragic passing, his wife Betty Rogers donated the ranch to the state of California with the condition that there should always be a polo field on the land. Back in the 20’s and 30’s there were 27 polo fields within the Los Angeles area and nowaday, Will Rogers is the last remaining polo field in the area. 


Polo is considered the fastest team sport there is and it combines horsemanship with adrenaline. Those who are interested in checking out the so-called “Sport of Kings” will be thrilled to know that they offer lessons for all ages. Lessons are open to anyone regardless of experience as they will teach you how to ride a horse if you have never done it before. 


Matches are free to attend to the public and you are encouraged to take your chair, food and drinks to enjoy the beauty of the game. There is even a private players area which includes a table with shade and they can be reserved ahead of time. 


Sources: https://brentwoodnewsla.com/polo-season-returns-to-will-rogers-historic-polo-fields/


April 28, 2022

LA County Fair 2022

LA County Fair 2022


Image: LA County Fair website https://www.lacountyfair.com/


The County fair has returned! This year we celebrate the 100th anniversary of the LA County Fair with a special Back to our Roots theme. The fair will run from May 5th to the 30th and just like any other year, it promises loads of fun for all ages. 



Tickets can be purchased online and they have a variety of different options, and season passes are available as well. Their website recommends you save on admission by purchasing your tickets online to get the best price. Also, watch out for discount days, such as Food Drive Friday’s where you can receive one free admission by donating five canned goods (per person.) 


Things to do: 

As always, you are promised lots of fun and entertainment for all ages. From concerts, to competitions to attractions this year's County Fair has got you covered! You can expect a wide range of live performances such as Lady A, Juanes, and The Beach Boys. Concert tickets are now available and they do include admission to the fair for the night of the concert. Throughout the month there will also be special event days such as a Mother’s Day brunch from 11am -1pm and a few more so make sure to check their calendar out. 


Food at the Fair:

Now let's talk about our favorite: food at the fair. There will be a $7.70 value menu which will have anything from frozen chocolate covered bananas to roast beef sliders. A full menu will be arriving soon to their website which even includes a little something they like to call “the lighter side” which has vegan, vegetarian and gluten free options. 


For more information go check out the LA County Fair website to start planning your visit!  https://www.lacountyfair.com/


April 26, 2022

Tech Upgrades That Every Home Could Use

Tech Upgrades That Every Home Could Use



Technological upgrades are a thing of the present - every home implements the appropriate upgrades when the timing is right.


For example, if you’re looking to sell your house in the near future, technological upgrades can drastically help your chances at getting the most out of your investment. Tech upgrades are also great for your personal use, whether it be for safety and security, personal preference, or strictly fun. 


Check out some of the most popular of the tech savvy upgrades below and see if any of them are applicable to your current home situation.


Smart Thermostat


All homes have thermostats - technical devices created to regulate temperature - whether it be for warming or cooling a household. 


As technological advancements started to take place in recent decades, inventors pushed for internal home improvements. Thankfully, with the creation of Wi-Fi, experts were able to come up with what is now called a smart thermostat. This device is perfect for programming whatever temperature you want - you don’t even have to be home to make the change.


Smart thermostats are a genuine home upgrade to improve resale value. They’re also a real perk when it comes to fluctuating weather conditions; if it’s hot out, put the AC on while you’re on the way home. Likewise if it’s cold out, knock the heat on before you make the drive back to your house.


Smart Home Security Systems


There’s no better way to protect your home, the people you live with, and your belongings than to install a smart home security system. It just so happens it’s a great technical upgrade that draws buyers in when it comes time to sell. 


Smart home security systems grant you access to property cameras wherever you are. Simply download the app and you’ll have 24/7 access via your cell phone whenever you need it - especially if you’re away from the house for an extended time, like when you leave for vacation. 


If you don’t want to go so far as to have a full smart home security system, opt for a video doorbell. At least you’ll be able to see an intruder or unfamiliar face if they’re near or at the door. This tech savvy item is good for checking who’s in front of your house before you go answer the doorbell, too.


Smart Lights


Turning lights on and off from the lightswitch can be a tedious thing, especially if you’re comfy in bed or laying on the couch. Luckily, the most convenient of smart upgrades has presented itself in recent years - smart lights. 


Smart lights only ask that you double clap them on or double clap them off. Almost any form of lighting can be purchased with this feature. 


If you’d rather not get intense smart light systems like this, you can opt for smart light bulbs. Purchasing these can save you tons of money on electricity bills. Simply replace them with your regular bulbs and choose whether you’d like to attach a voice command to it or add adjustment elements for brightness depth. 


At Home Theater System


Not all technological upgrades have to be for safety or well-being. Some can be strictly for fun, like an at home theater system.


Do you know how much money it is to go to the theaters regularly? It can get quite pricey, especially if you’re ordering popcorn, snacks, and large sodas. 


The good news is that popcorn, snacks, and large sodas are relatively inexpensive if you buy them at the grocery store and bring them home. Which brings us to our next point - installing an at home theater system will bring the resale value up while providing you and your family with a fun alternative to a movie theater on a Friday night. 


When you think about it, purchasing the necessary supplies to set up an at home theater system is not that expensive. Just be sure to buy the right projector, projecting screen, and equipment for an enjoyable sound system.

Any home upgrade is entertaining - especially when it’s new. These in particular happen to make living in the house safer, easier, and much more fun - though they may cost a pretty penny depending on which avenue you go down. 


Research some more details and see what works for you!


Blog Written by guest writer Karl Kennedy

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April 21, 2022

Earth day 2022

Earth Day Fun 



This Friday April 22nd we celebrate Earth Day and let it be known there are a number of fun events happening this weekend to honor our big blue marble. Below you will find a list of events that not only promise fun for all but also hope to create and spread awareness on what we can do to help protect the Earth. 


As expected, there will be several clean ups in honor of Earth Day. The Church of Scientology will be hosting a large East Hollywood clean up this Saturday the 23rd. The clean up will take place from 9am to 12pm and although it is not required, they recommend that volunteers register in order to ensure they have an accurate amount of t-shirts, food and supplies. Also this Saturday, there will be a beach clean up in Hermosa Beach in front of the Sea Sprite Hotel from 10am - 4pm where they will have live music and refreshments for everyone to enjoy. Last but not least, Sunday, April 24th Waves of Recovery and Athleta will be hosting a Beach clean up and paddle out starting at 10am. Cleaning supplies will be provided and limited wetsuits and boards will be available for volunteers so they recommend you take your own if you already own one. 


This Friday the 22nd, you can enjoy the conscious market at Ron Hernan where you will find conscious and sustainable brands from 11am - 6pm.  On Saturday, April 23rd you will be able to enjoy a lovely Earth Day event in Downtown Long Beach from 12pm - 5pm where you will find vintage and upcycled clothing, panel discussions, art shows and even native plant education. Last but not least, for those who love beauty but also sustainability, there will be an Earth Day Beauty party this Saturday at Credo in LA and they will be showcasing their best in sustainable beauty products. 


Below you can find all the links to the previously mentioned events where you will find more information as well as rsvp links if needed. Happy Earth Day!