New Year Resolution: Move to LA


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Moving to Los Angeles in 2021


For many people, the new year is a time to envision the future they want and set goals to get there. Changes are expected, and there is no change as exciting as moving. Moving to a new state or city means new opportunities, something that people are especially hungry for in the new year. If you are feeling the urge to do something big this new year, make your move and join us in Los Angeles.


People come to Los Angeles because of the possibilities a big city provides. The streets are alive with art and music, internationally celebrated chefs have opened restaurants here, and there is something to do for every person at any hour of the day (or night). This city has tons to offer, but if you aren’t sold yet, keep reading to see why all sorts of people have made the leap and now call LA home.



Los Angeles is the city of stars. Artists from all over the world come here to act, to sing, to paint, to create. There is endless opportunity for artists of all crafts, and success comes in many forms. Entrepreneurs also find great success in Los Angeles. The resources available to individuals starting a business are plentiful. Certification programs and other means of educational development can be easily found, and opportunities for community building result in more chances for networking.



LA is a big county with a large population. With each activity, whether you’re hiking your favorite coastal trail or hitting the town with your friends on a Friday night, there are new chances to socialize. Los Angeles is an exciting city and those who wish to remain single will relish their freedom in such a fast-paced place. Anyone hoping to meet someone special has a high chance of making that happen in the city as well. Really, no matter who you are or what you’re looking for, Los Angeles is the place to be.



Families of all sizes have set roots in Los Angeles. While the city is great for its vacation-esque entertainment spots, there are also educational opportunities for your little one(s). Spend the day learning about sea life at the aquarium or one of our many beaches. Head to a museum, watch a play, or volunteer. You can even sign your kids up for music classes and sports teams in the community. There is a multitude of family-friendly activities all over the city as well, and a few hours spent at the park may result in close friends and weekly playdates. 


A big move like this requires support. Thankfully, Erin Alls is fluent in the Los Angeles housing market and can provide the insight you need! Silicon Beach boasts beautiful communities and stunning scenery, and Erin can find you the perfect home amidst it all. We look forward to hearing from you!