Covid-19 in Los Angeles

Los Angeles Business Closures

 Los Angeles Closures


As of November 27, Los Angeles County entered another round of shutdowns. With cases of Covid-19 continuing to rise in staggering numbers, measures are being taken to combat the spread of the virus and save lives. The new regulations mainly impact business owners, but it is also recommended that everyone stay home as often as possible.


Business owners were already required to meet certain Covid-19 regulations, but new restrictions have been added to the list. Essential retail businesses are now required to limit their customer intake to 35 percent of their stores typical capacity. For any nonessential retail businesses, their capacity has been reduced to 80 percent less than normal at any given time. As for food service, restaurants are unable to accept dine-in guests, indoors or outdoors. It is crucial to limit the number of people in any one space in order to reduce the spread of the virus, which is why patio dining has been closed. 


While retail businesses risk a drop in their number of customers due to increased wait times for entry, the impact of new regulations for restaurants has been more visibly difficult. As a result of patio closures, restaurants are losing revenue, and restaurant staff are losing their jobs. 


In order to keep small and local businesses afloat, it is essential that we purchase goods from within our communities. Although your farmers market grocery trip may take a bit longer than usual, and while buying clothes in store may be more fun than shopping online, it is important to show support in such uncertain times. There are new rules, but establishments are still open for business!


Even food from your favorite restaurant isn’t off the table with these new restrictions. Ordering food is still possible with take-out, pick-up, and delivery options. You can find delivery services on a businesses website, or through any of the countless food delivery apps available. Keep in mind that it is best to purchase your delivery order via the restaurant’s website, this way you maximize the amount of money going directly to the business!


On a positive note, beaches and hiking trails are still open. While staying home is absolutely the safest choice, it is natural to need a refresher every once in a while. Getting outdoors and soaking up the sunshine can do wonders for your physical and mental health. You can check out a list of a few of the best beaches in LA here. Please be mindful of other people’s health on your trip, bring a mask and socially distance!


The closure is set to remain in effect through December 20. If you are interested in reading more about the closures and learning which activities are still available to you, check out this article from the Los Angeles Times. Although shutdowns are not easy, living in Los Angeles County means having access to all sorts of safe opportunities for fun. Stay healthy and stay safe!


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