The World’s Largest Wildlife Bridge will be in Los Angeles

The city of angels; known for its busy streets, celebrities, and overpriced avocado toast will soon be home to the world’s largest wildlife bridge.


This proposed wildlife crossing plans to measure 200ft in length and 165ft in width spanning the eight lanes of the 101 at Liberty Canyon. The goal is to start it early this year and ensure its completion by fall of 2023. 


Image provided by  Santa Monica conservancy


What exactly does all of this mean? This means wildlife, specifically our endangered mountain lions, will now have a safe way of crossing from one end of the highway to the other. 


The habitat will be designed to block out the noise and lights from any cars passing below and it will be landscaped with native flora in order to provide a safe and easy passage for mountain lions and other animals. 


The benefits of this large animal crossing are endless, not only will animals be able to migrate safely, but, this will also allow local pumas to mate with other cats not closely related to them as they are facing a severe issue with inbreeding and birth defects are starting to show. 


There is a team of people working on this project that will forever change the way our local wildlife roams throughout the Santa Monica Mountains. The bridge is estimated to cost at least $85 million dollars, with most of its funds coming in from private donors. With this project in the works, we are taking a step in the right direction to restore the biodiversity we once had. 

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