It seems counter intuitive to add moving stress onto this already stressful time of season — trust us, we get it! We don't want to add stress onto your holiday season any more than you do! We do want to point out however, that there are some pretty good perks to buying and selling your home during the holidays. Below, we have outlined why this time of year is a shockingly good time to buy or sell a home.  We at Silicon Beach Homes will share more information below.


Buyers: You’ll face less competition 

That dream home your fell in love with? Chances are there are far fewer offers on it during the holidays than during any other time of year. Less competition means that you have a better chance of your offer being accepted and getting move into your dream place in Silicon Beach.


Sellers: There’s less inventory

You’ll often hear people say that you should wait until the spring to get the most from a home sale, but studies have shown that homes listed around the holidays can command more money and sell faster than during the Spring. With less inventory on the market there is more demand for product which means you can actually list your price slightly higher. 


Buyers: A lot of great sales on home decor

It costs a pretty penny to fully furnish a new home, especially if you are moving from an apartment or a condo into a single family home. Luckily, with Black Friday, Small Business Saturday, Cyber Monday and post Christmas sales, you can furnish your brand new home for half the price. 


Sellers: Your neighborhood may look more appealing in Silicon Beach 

This time of year homeowners throughout the country spend an entire afternoon decorating their yards with lights and ornaments. The flickering lights, Christmas trees in picture windows, and light up reindeer on lawns adds a friendly touch to neighborhoods.


Buys and Sellers: Everyone is motivated 

No one decides to buy (or sell) a home during the holidays unless they are extremely motivated to move. Whether you are moving for a new job, your lease is up, or your moving closer to family — usually only those who have a strong need to move do it during the holidays. This means that houses can close faster and people can be into their new place within weeks during this time of year.