Spring and Summer have always been popular times of the year to buy and sell homes, but there are plenty of perks to buying and selling in the Fall and Winter. Below, we have listed the some of the best reasons to buy and sell in Fall and Winter!


Listing Prices Stay the Same, But Sale Prices Drop

What do we mean by this? Well, sellers can still put their house on the market for the same price you would list it in the spring, but there's less competition for the buyers, so less bidding wars. This means, the seller can still get the value they wanted from their home, while the buyer is happy they didn’t have to come in 10K above listing price to ensure they got the home.


This also means smaller mortgages for the buyers, which is always a perk! 


There are More Starter Homes During the Autumn Months

Starter home inventory tends to peak in October, according to the real estate site Trulia. Starter homes are defined as home listed within the lowest-third of the real estate market, which is often the range for first-time buyers.


First-time buyers who are ready to own a home versus rent an apartment can find great deals on appliances and home goods, in the autumn. According to Consumer Reports magazine, autumn coincides with the best time to buy certain household goods such as gas grills,fridges, TVs, snowblowers, and lawn mowers. 


Smart Time to get a Home Inspection

With Fall comes rainfall, and this rain makes it easier for home inspectors to see potential problems in the home you are looking at. If you bought the same home in the summer, you wouldn't know that the roof or foundation leaked, but after Fall’s substantial rainfall, its much easier to see and face the issues.


Perfect Time for a Tax Deduction

Buying a home before December 31 helps with tax deductions! You’ll be able to write off some of this year’s mortgage interest, along with deductions for points, property taxes and home offices.


You’ll Have Time to Consider All Options

Fall and Winter has less competition, therefore you have a chance to slow down and consider your options before buying a home. Take the time to review all of your options, look at your check list and buy the hime that is the best choice for you.