Where to see the Super Bloom near LA 2023 



One of the great things about all the rain California is receiving is the super bloom of wildflowers we will be seeing this Spring. This is the first year in many that we can actually expect it to live up to its name. Close to LA we have several hotspot destinations that will be heavily visited from people all over to view this phenomenon. 


One of the most popular spots known to be blanketed in beautiful golden poppies is Antelope Valley. Shy of an hour and a half from LA you can be expected to be wowed by the gold toned hills of Antelope Valley. Here at the poppy reserve you will see a variety of different shades of poppies, creating a beautiful mosaic effect over the hills. You can enjoy this phenomenon by doing one of the hikes as they have several trails. It is important to note that the superbloom should be seen from the trails to avoid damaging the flora, the length of the floral display varies but sometimes it can be seen till late May.


Another great option to enjoy a super bloom in a different environment is Joshua Tree. Skip the rolling green hills and enjoy true desert wilderness. Just about two hours away from LA, you can experience desert scenery like no other. During the spring you can expect to see Joshua Tree covered in wildflowers such as desert dandelions, poppies, brittlebush and much more. 


In Borrego State Park, similar to Joshua Tree, you will experience desert fauna at its brightest and most colorful. As of March 17th, there are several small loop hikes that have been highlighted as some of the best to take you around to see the beauty of the desert in the springtime. Here at Borrego State Park you will see many desert wildflowers such as desert lily, sunflower and a large variety of cacti. 


As always, these parks and reserves ask that you stay on the trails to avoid stepping on the wildflowers and they ask visitors to take pictures, not flowers. Happy Spring and Happy Super Blooming!