If you haven’t heard of the Broadway smash hit “Hamilton,” then you have probably been living on Mars.

Hamilton tells the story of the founding father Alexander Hamilton. Now, that doesn’t sound like anything worth watching. But when told through hip-hop, rhythm and blues, pop music, soul music, traditional-style show tunes written by genius Lin Manuel Miranda, it is really something worth seeing. Add to that the color-conscious casting of non-white actors as the Founding Fathers and other historical figures, you have yourself a truly historic musical.

Hamilton will be playing now through December 30th at Hollywood Pantages Theatre, the only problem is that it is already sold out. So how can I get my “historical figures rapping” fix you may ask? Well, we have listed the options below. Warning: it won’t be cheap.


Verified Resale

The Pantages and Ticketmaster both list “verified resale” tickets. These tickets start at around $250 and only go up from there! But they are bought on Ticketmaster, so at least you know they are real!


Other Resale

You can try other outlets such as StubHub or EBay, but remember; they are NOT verified so there are no guarantees. Plus, most of the scalper tickets are upwards of $1000 for decent seats, and there are still $300 verified resale tickets on Ticketmaster, so you should probably stick with the sure thing and buy the tickets that you know will actually get you into the theatre.


$10 Ticket Lottery


For every performance, the Pantages sells 40 seats for $10 a piece through a digital lottery. Ticket hopefuls enter two days before the performance date and winners are chosen one day before the performance. Upon notification, you have about five hours to pay online by credit card, or the tickets are forfeited. Each winner can buy one or two tickets but the seat locations will vary. For more information, click here!