CES: The technology we’re looking at in 2019


CES, otherwise known as the Consumer Electronics Show, take place next week place in Las Vegas next week and everyone is on the lookout for the next great innovation. Below, we break down the tech that everyone is looking forward to in 2019.


Artificial Intelligence

From self driving cars to intuitive robots, AI is going to be the most talked about tech at CES this year. We all know that tech giants like Apple, Google and Microsoft have put millions of dollars into AI, but we’re more interested in seeing which smaller players introduce AI into their gadgets. Get ready for AI intelligent TVs, Security Cameras and even children’s toys.


TV’s, TV’s and more TV’s

Every year television giants such as Samsung and LG release the bigger, better, clear televisions. Last year Samsung debuted “The Wall,” their 146 inch television. Meanwhile, LG released a TV that could roll up like a poster. We’re excited to see what these two dueling giants have to offer this year.


We’ll find out what 5G really means

4G LTE might be a thing of the past! The data speed that we’ve all grown accustomed to is likely to update in 2019, opening the door to even faster streaming and internet browsing for every day users. The big wireless companies like Verizon and AT&T will both be speaking at panels, so expect timeline rollouts and futuristic use of 5G to be announced then!



What to Expect at CES 2019


Health and Wellness Tech

We’re not just talking fitbits anymore. Health and Wellness technology has emerged as one of the most popular verticals at CES. From technology that measures and records your exercise to wearable tech that helps rehabilitate your muscles after a workout, we expect to see a lot of innovative health tech in 2019. Rumor has it that Samsung might even unveil “smart shoes.”


Gaming and VR

With VR Headsets now accessible to the common folk, we expect to see plenty of companies utilizing the technology to make games more immersive. In addition to VR, we expect to see smaller gaming chips, better graphics cards, and gaming computers screens with the stamina to match.


Self Driving Cars


CES has always been the place to see futuristic concept cars, and 2019 will be no different. We expect to see advances in self-driving technology, and perhaps even learn that we are one-step closer to seeing these AI powered cars on the road.