Venice Beach is the artist capital of Southern California. Between the street art on every corner, the eclectic houses lining the beach, and the artists selling their work on the boardwalk, it’s a town made for all kinds of artists.  The connection to art shouldn’t be surprising, considering the Silicon Beach community was made to look like Venice, Italy -- a city full of art and culture.


There are so many places in Venice where you can wander around and see art, most of which is colorfully painted right along the street. If street art isn’t for you, you can also purchase art at some of the most exclusive art galleries in all of California.


But Venice isn’t just a home to visual artists-- talented musicians are also lining the streets. One of the best places to hear new talent is Venice Open Mic Night.


Every Wednesday night join your neighbors and listen to some of the most talented performing artists in Venice. The talent is constantly rotating, so each week you get a fresh new artist to enjoy!


For those of you listening, the night begins at 9:00 pm and lasts until 1:00 am. For those of you singing, show up early and sign in at 8:00 pm. Be sure to get there before 8 though, as the sign up list sometimes fills up fast!


If you are interested in showcasing your talent at Open Mic Night, there are some rules. First of all you must be present to Sign Up and have your own instrument with you and ready to go. Second, acts with acapella and background tracks will not be accepted. Third, sorry but no comedians; this is a place to show off your musical ability, not your jokes. Fourth, they’re trying to give as many people as possible a chance to show their stuff, so there will be no repeats artists throughout the night. And last but not least, each artists can only sing 2 songs; so be sure to pick the two that highlight your best talents!