Los Angeles is gorgeous all year long, but there are definitely some perks of visiting in the Fall as opposed to other seasons! Below is our list of reasons why you should check out LA in the Fall!


1) It’s the perfect temperature

Los Angeles is known for it’s beautiful sunny skies, but it definitely packs on the heat in the summer time. By the time Fall rolls around, the heat begins to subside and we are left with gorgeous, sunny days in the 70’s and 80’s. 


Whether you decide to take a hike or enjoy a day at one of the local amusement parks, you will be thankful that you decided not to come to LA in the dog days of summer.


2) It’s the perfect time of the year to go to the theme parks

There are 2 reasons why the Fall is the perfect time of the year for the local theme parks! First of all, kids are back in school, so the lines at Universal and Disney are much shorter.


Secondly, from mid-September through early November both Universal and Disney are decorated for Halloween. And if you come in after the second week of November, then the parks are both decorated for Christmas! 


Universal Hollywood is also known world-wide for it’s Halloween Horror Nights, where they add terrifying haunted mazes throughout the park. Come for the shorter lines, stay for the scares!


3) It’s the Gray whale migration season

Though many different types of whales swim along the California coastline, the most common are the Gray whale. Gray whales migrate 6,000 miles south every October from their feeding grounds in the Bering Strait to mate and calve in the warm lagoons of Baja, Mexico. This means that if you take a whale watching tour in the Fall you’re far more likely to get a glimpse at these majestic creatures. 


4) Oktoberfest is taken very seriously

There are plenty of Oktoberfest events in Los Angeles, but Alpine Village’s festival is the most talked about. The oldest Oktoberfest celebration in Southern California, Alpine Village knows how to celebrate this month-long event. From October 4 through October 27, expect HofBrau beer (imported directly from Munich), pork schnitzel, sausages, German baked goods, and all the Bavarian singing and dancing you could ever want.