Tips for Saving Water This Summer 



With summer right around the corner, it’s important to make small changes to reduce our water usage. By conserving water we are protecting an essential resource for future generations because a clean and safe water supply should not be up for debate.


According to American Rivers, 30-60% of domestic drinking water is being used in yards and gardens. American Rivers also claims that the U.S. per capita water use is 170 gallons per day (gpd) compared to Australia's 36gpd. Although many counties are already enforcing regulations, there is a lot we can do as individuals from the comfort of our own home to ensure we are limiting our water usage.    


The LA county waterworks district has a page with a list of things you can do daily, weekly and monthly to cut down on your water usage. Here are a few tips they recommend! 



According to LAWCD, there are many things you can do on a daily basis to save water. For those with swimming pools, you can cover up your pool when not being used, this is said to reduce the amount of water needed by 30-50% since you won’t have to be filling it up as often. 


Another tip you have probably heard several times already is to shorten your shower. 

Going from a ten minute to a five minute shower saves 12.5 gallons of water with the use of an efficient showerhead.



For those with gardens, something you can do to save water is watering your plants/ garden early in the morning as it saves 25 gallons each time you water. For your lawn, set the mower blade to “3” to encourage deeper roots, this can save between 16-50 gallons per day. 



A huge issue is sprinklers not working appropriately, making sure you take time to find and fix any leaky sprinkler heads is very important, Another great tip is to check your toilet monthly for any leaks that could be wasting up to 50 gallons of water. 


The LA County waterworks district has many more tips on their website for you to check out at:


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