The Holidays are always a stressful and expensive time for traveling, but with a few simple tips, you can travel during the holidays like an old pro!


Avoid the busiest travel times

The day before and after a holiday are always the most expensive days to fly, no matter how early you buy the flights. Another thing to consider is what day of the week the holiday falls on. For example, if the holiday falls on a Tuesday, flights the weekend before will be higher than usual.


Use resources that help you compare flights

Sites such as Expedia and apps like Hopper help users compare and track the cheapest flights on the market.  Pro tip: cast a wide net when looking for flights, so that you can compare all of your options, not just the nonstop ones in mid-afternoon. Also be sure to utilize the “search adjacent days or airports” features found on many websites, you might be able to find significantly cheaper flights just by being open to change.


Be very careful when you book flights with connections

We know that finding flights with the least amount of travel time is the goal, but when it comes to connecting flights, short layovers can be more of a hassle than they are worth. During the holidays, flights face more delays than usual and those delays can mean that that you miss your connecting flight. So how do you avoid this? Well aside from choosing nonstop flights which is your only guarantee that you won’t be stuck in strange airport, you can choose a connecting flight that has a long enough layover that you won’t have to worry.


Give yourself plenty of time to get through security

We all know the drill, show up to the airport at least 2 hours before your flight to get through security. But lets face it, when you travel a lot you rarely give yourself that much time to get through security. This is the biggest fatal mistake for many frequent fliers, forgetting to add buffer time for the security delays. During the holidays, people who don’t travel more than a couple times a year all flock to the airport. With an abundance of travelers who are unaware of security protocols, you’re more likely to wait in longer security lines. 


If you are new to flying, remember to wear shoes that you can easily slip on and off for the security checkpoint. Also keep in mind that all electronics bigger than a tablet needs to go in its own bin!