Thanksgiving Dinner 2021

                                                                   Photo by Nicole Michalou from Pexels

DIY Centerpieces

With Thanksgiving only a week away, people hosting big holiday feasts are rushing to finalize their festive menus, brainstorm party activities, and prep their homes with fall-themed decor. 


Department stores have vast selections of holiday decor, but sometimes the classic fall decor is not the look we are going for. Something unique and personalized may work better.


If you’re hosting Thanksgiving for your friends and family this year, we want to help make your preparation process a bit easier, and we want your table to be as inviting as possible!


We hope these centerpiece ideas get you inspired and extra excited for Thanksgiving.


1. Cupboard Centerpieces

Making crafts that require items we already have stocked in our cupboards makes crafting a whole lot simpler. No trip to the store, no searching aisles, no expensive purchases. Just an easy-peasy craft project.


For this centerpiece, you’ll need popcorn kernels, candles, twine, and vases. Wine glasses, mason jars, and similar glass containers work as well.


Tie a twine knot around your vases, fill them halfway with popcorn kernels, then place candles in each of the vases. Scented and unscented candles work for this centerpiece.


If you want more detail to your centerpiece, feel free to add other ingredients to your crafting. Dried beans and dried peas, pumpkin seeds, walnuts, and pistachios all make great fillers, too. 


2. Floral Centerpieces

Pumpkins are great vases for Thanksgiving floral arrangements. Simply remove the seeds and arrange the flowers in the pumpkin until it’s perfect. Ceramic and plastic pumpkins work just as well and take less time to make.


Placing fall flowers in mason jars and tin vases creates a rustic thanksgiving feel. Centering flowers down the length of the table is simple yet elegant. 


There are all sorts of ways to use flowers as centerpieces, get creative, and arrange in whatever way feels best for you.


3. Fruit Centerpieces

Fruit centerpieces are beautiful and incredibly simple to make. 


Take any fruit of your liking—apples, pears, oranges, and squash work especially well in Thanksgiving centerpieces—and place them in the middle of your table nestled atop a wooden cheese board covered in sprigs of thyme and rosemary.


4. Kid’s Centerpieces

One of the cutest centerpieces possible is Thanksgiving crafts made by the kids in your family. 


Many teachers have their students make hand turkeys in November, and these make great additions to any Thanksgiving centerpiece, but they can also be a fun at-home art project.


Paper fan turkeys are so fun to make for kids with a bit more patience, and the way they prop up makes them the perfect centerpiece for Thanksgiving.


5. Scented Centerpieces

Fall-scented candles are wildly popular but don’t give up on the unscented candles hiding at the back of your junk drawer just yet.


The idea for this scented centerpiece is similar to the cupboard centerpiece; you’ll fill a vase with dried ingredients and light a candle inside the vase. However, using coffee beans, hazelnuts, and cinnamon sticks will create a soft, fall scent under the warm glow of the unscented candle.


As an alternative to placing cinnamon sticks inside the vase, consider getting rid of the vase altogether. Cinnamon sticks can be glued onto an unscented candle using a hot glue gun, and the candles will give off a lovely cinnamon scent just the same.


One Last Thing

If every centerpiece idea you have seen or thought of doesn’t intrigue you, Thanksgiving dinner makes a great centerpiece, too! 


Happy (almost) Thanksgiving, everyone.