Tech Upgrades That Every Home Could Use



Technological upgrades are a thing of the present - every home implements the appropriate upgrades when the timing is right.


For example, if you’re looking to sell your house in the near future, technological upgrades can drastically help your chances at getting the most out of your investment. Tech upgrades are also great for your personal use, whether it be for safety and security, personal preference, or strictly fun. 


Check out some of the most popular of the tech savvy upgrades below and see if any of them are applicable to your current home situation.


Smart Thermostat


All homes have thermostats - technical devices created to regulate temperature - whether it be for warming or cooling a household. 


As technological advancements started to take place in recent decades, inventors pushed for internal home improvements. Thankfully, with the creation of Wi-Fi, experts were able to come up with what is now called a smart thermostat. This device is perfect for programming whatever temperature you want - you don’t even have to be home to make the change.


Smart thermostats are a genuine home upgrade to improve resale value. They’re also a real perk when it comes to fluctuating weather conditions; if it’s hot out, put the AC on while you’re on the way home. Likewise if it’s cold out, knock the heat on before you make the drive back to your house.


Smart Home Security Systems


There’s no better way to protect your home, the people you live with, and your belongings than to install a smart home security system. It just so happens it’s a great technical upgrade that draws buyers in when it comes time to sell. 


Smart home security systems grant you access to property cameras wherever you are. Simply download the app and you’ll have 24/7 access via your cell phone whenever you need it - especially if you’re away from the house for an extended time, like when you leave for vacation. 


If you don’t want to go so far as to have a full smart home security system, opt for a video doorbell. At least you’ll be able to see an intruder or unfamiliar face if they’re near or at the door. This tech savvy item is good for checking who’s in front of your house before you go answer the doorbell, too.


Smart Lights


Turning lights on and off from the lightswitch can be a tedious thing, especially if you’re comfy in bed or laying on the couch. Luckily, the most convenient of smart upgrades has presented itself in recent years - smart lights. 


Smart lights only ask that you double clap them on or double clap them off. Almost any form of lighting can be purchased with this feature. 


If you’d rather not get intense smart light systems like this, you can opt for smart light bulbs. Purchasing these can save you tons of money on electricity bills. Simply replace them with your regular bulbs and choose whether you’d like to attach a voice command to it or add adjustment elements for brightness depth. 


At Home Theater System


Not all technological upgrades have to be for safety or well-being. Some can be strictly for fun, like an at home theater system.


Do you know how much money it is to go to the theaters regularly? It can get quite pricey, especially if you’re ordering popcorn, snacks, and large sodas. 


The good news is that popcorn, snacks, and large sodas are relatively inexpensive if you buy them at the grocery store and bring them home. Which brings us to our next point - installing an at home theater system will bring the resale value up while providing you and your family with a fun alternative to a movie theater on a Friday night. 


When you think about it, purchasing the necessary supplies to set up an at home theater system is not that expensive. Just be sure to buy the right projector, projecting screen, and equipment for an enjoyable sound system.

Any home upgrade is entertaining - especially when it’s new. These in particular happen to make living in the house safer, easier, and much more fun - though they may cost a pretty penny depending on which avenue you go down. 


Research some more details and see what works for you!


Blog Written by guest writer Karl Kennedy