Swimming holes in or around LA



SoCal has a lot to offer, and yes that includes sunny, sandy beach days. Although we are not complaining about having the beach right next to us, it's always fun to explore other swim holes that aren’t the beach so that’s why we have curated a list of swimming holes in or around LA that will give you a different experience! 


Silverwood Lake

Silverwood Lake rests in the heart of the San Bernardino National Forest so you are promised beautiful naturistic scenery all around. Just an hour away from LA you will be able to surround yourself with nature, wildlife and stretches of sandy white beaches. 


Malibu Creek Rock Pool

Located in Malibu State Park, this little gem is just a hike away. This here is a volcanic swimming hole that offers not only acres of beautiful views but also a great way to cool off after a hike. For those who are lovers of biking, it also offers amazing bike trails. 


Switzer falls 

Swizter falls is found in the Angeles National Forest and it is known to be a relatively popular and easy five mile hike, aside from the 50ft waterfall, there are also several swim holes surrounding the area.   


Sandy Cove

Sandy Cove is located in the Kings Canyon National Park, although it’s more of a drive (about 250 miles away from Hollywood) you truly will be rewarded with the scenery and the opportunity for adventure. Here you will not only be able to swim but also hike, kayak and so much more. 


If you catch yourself wanting to cool off this summer but want to explore something other than the beach, be sure to check these out!