Summer Shopping


Outdoor Summer Decor


Happy summer, everyone! Living in LA means endless opportunities for fun in the city (I mean, who doesn’t enjoy hanging out at rooftop bars downtown?), but summer is also the perfect time to unwind. 


Transforming your home into a personal oasis is a sure way to slow down your summer days and get you relaxing. Luckily, we know of a few outdoor furniture items that would be perfect for turning your backyard into the dream vacation spot you’ve always imagined. Take a look!



1. Mosaic Tile Tables

Further Furniture’s stunning mosaic tile tables make for a perfect statement piece in any outdoor space. Pair them with a couple of adorable wrought iron chairs, and you’ve got yourself a nice outdoor dinner spot this summer!



2. Spunky Outdoor Seating

Nothing screams coastal living like a clam-shaped chair. Head over to Potted and pick up a Clam Chair of your own, and browse through all their other fun outdoor furniture and plants while you’re at it.



3. Noteworthy Lawn Looks

Venice Love Shack is as LA as it gets. Boasting tons of hidden gems, you’re sure to find a staple piece for indoor or outdoor use. Purchase a firepit and enjoy late-night s’mores, line your lawn with intriguing sculptures and signs, or stop by and grab whatever unique finds you love most!



4. Lantern Lighting

Check out the Etsy shop Awiselight for any of your outdoor lighting needs. All lanterns are handmade and come in a variety of beautiful designs. Bringing lantern lights into your outdoor space is sure to create a calming ambiance. 



5. Coastal Chimes

Living by the water brings coastal breezes, and wind chimes make a perfect addition to an airy backyard. The AndySartoriStore Etsy shop sells custom wind chimes at an affordable price, and the light melody made by your new wind chime will add to the relaxing vibe in your backyard paradise.



Support small businesses and shop local for your outdoor decor this summer!