Stay Cool inside LA’s Oldest Family Run Arcades 


Living in California has many pros but unfortunately, the heat waves are definitely making it into the cons list. However, a pro of living in the LA area is that we have access to many cool indoor places to keep out of the heat, and some of these places are arcades. Arcades are a dying breed so now more than ever is it important to support them and enjoy what they have to offer. We will be sharing a few of our favorites in the LA area so you can get your arcade fix. 


If you’re looking to be transported back into time and get a good nostalgic feeling going, we recommend you visit Family Arcade LA. This place is guaranteed to take you back into time with their pinball machines that are decades old as well as the whole ambiance of the arcade. The business started up in 1971, renting and selling arcade games, in 2019 a fire struck and they had to rebuild the arcade, shortly after, just like the rest of small businesses, they were forced to close during the pandemic. They reopened just last year and they are open everyday from 8:30am - 1:30pm. If you find yourself needing a way to stay cool during this heat, we definitely recommend you check out this family owned arcade that holds on to a little piece of the past! 


Another one of our favorites is Playland Arcade which is located right on the Santa Monica Pier. This arcade dates back to 1950, opened by two brothers and today the arcade is run by the fourth generation of the Gordon family. Not only is it the longest family-run business on the pier but it also continues to be one of the most popular ones. Throughout the years it has been a fun backdrop for many shows and movies such as Forrest Gump, Ironman and more. Playland Arcade is famous for their shooting gallery, air hockey and classics such as Pac-Man and Galaga. They are open everyday from 9am - 10pm in the summer. 


Whether you are looking to try something new or you’re an avid lover of arcade games we recommend you check them out! 


For more information on these arcades check the links below: