Spring into the New Season.

A note from our Founder for Spring 2020

Erin P. Alls Silicon Beach Homes Founder



Hello to all of our Family, Friends, and Fans,


Spring is in the air and it’s time to spring forward into daylight savings.


Do not forget to forward your clocks on March 8th, 2020 (This coming Sunday)


Now is when the flowers start to bloom as does the housing market. 


Much like a flower opening into full bloom our housing market is about to do just that. 


The recent rare rate cut by a half-point to a range of 1% to 1.25% is going to spring sleepy buyers into action. 


Imagine yourself locking into a loan with an interest rate that is lower than what we have seen in almost 30 years.  


This is the time for anyone to get into the real estate market. Money has never been cheaper to borrow. 


Now we will have longer days which will give homebuyers more opportunities to tour properties after work while it's still light out. 


With more purchasing power available to borrowers people will be more enticed to go out and explore their options.  They may be able to afford an area or price range that they could not have been able to afford a year ago. 


We predict the spring housing market will be a hot one and here are few tips to prep you if you want to take a dip into homeownership.


1. Know your purchasing power. 

Take the time to get pre-approved. We do not want you to go to a property to fall in love and then determine you can not afford it. 


2. Zero in one what are your “Must-Haves”

If you need to have a large kitchen where you can cook a great meal for friends or family.  Share that with your Silicon Beach Homes agent. We want to know what makes you smile so we can Zero in on items while previewing homes for you.


3. Be Optimistic, Flexible and Patient

We understand purchasing the largest investment of your life can be daunting but we also know it is WORTH it! Owning a home is the fastest way to build wealth and security for your future. We are here for you every step of the way.  If you do not see your forever home on the first tour or third tour we will still be here.

Flexibility will get you a long way in Real Estate, remember just because you wanted to be in a certain neighborhood but you can’t right now due to budget constraints other factors. DO NOT GIVE UP. Building upon equity and upgrading homes should be your Real Estate plan.  Most people own homes for 5-8 years and continue to upgrade as they go. Think of your Real Estate as a building block investment that requires Patience with a plan.



We look forward to helping you achieve your Real Estate Goals. We hope with our innovative website coupled with our outstanding customer service that we will be your partner in your in achieving your wildest Real Estate Dreams. Cheers to Spring 2020.


With Love,


Erin P. Alls

Founder of Silicon Beach Homes