Sit Back and Relax

Summer Cocktails


Now that it is summertime in Los Angeles, nothing beats the heat quite like a cool, refreshing cocktail. And lucky for us, cocktails are a great staple for all backyard barbeques and poolside lounging!


Below you will find recipes for some of our favorite summer drinks, as well as a few spots in LA that are perfect for takeaway cocktails.



1. Classic Margarita

Margaritas anybody? This classic margarita is delicious and a wonderful way to stay cool in the wildest of heatwaves. 



2. Frozen Piña Colada

This creamy pina colada recipe calls for coconut ice cream, making for an especially delightful drink.



3. Boozy Arnold Palmer

The Boozy Arnold Palmer is a super simple cocktail to make, putting a drunken twist on the traditional Arnold Palmer drink.



4. Strawberry Sangria

This strawberry sangria, filled with ripe strawberries and fresh oranges, is a dreamy treat for any fruit lover.



5. Drinks to Go

If making drinks is not your idea of relaxing, check out Tonga Hut for a Blue Hawaiian, All Day Baby for the Chef’s Tiki Tini, and Here and Now for their “One Of The Good Ones” drink. Or try any of their other fantastic to-go cocktails! Unwind by the water and sip away without any of the work.



Cheers to hot summer days in LA!