Serving Our Community


Serving Our Community

Los Angeles Food Banks


With Covid-19 causing unemployment rates to spike and increasing the number of people experiencing food insecurity, volunteers are especially necessary at local food banks this holiday season. The pandemic resulted in a decline in the number of people able to volunteer in-person, but food banks all across the country adapted and created alternative ways to give back to our communities. 


Below you will find a list of volunteer and donation opportunities to help those in Los Angeles struggling with food insecurity. Please note that due to Covid-19, all volunteers are required to be at least 18 years old and follow all Covid-19 guidelines. 


Volunteer In-Person


You can find in-person volunteer opportunities with the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank. Those interested in volunteering at a local Pantry can sign up here. Individuals looking to sort and/or deliver food can find a multitude of volunteer opportunities and information here. The Salvation Army also offers a variety of volunteer opportunities based on your location. If there are currently no in-person volunteer events in your area, there is a waitlist option!


Team #WeFeedLA


The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank offers community members the chance to host their own virtual fundraiser. 100 meals are distributed for every $25 raised! Anyone interested in participating in a #WeFeedLA virtual fundraiser can find the registration link and helpful tips on the food bank’s website.


Donate Online


Both the Salvation Army and the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank have online donation options on their websites. When making your donation, you can also choose to make it a recurring monthly contribution. Additionally, donations can be made directly to #WeFeedLA teams that are fundraising virtually.


Donate In-Person


Shoppers at Food 4 Less and Ralphs can donate money at checkout to the “Help 4 the Hungry” project. This is an annual campaign put on by the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank and NBC4. Donations are being accepted until December 24!

If you or anyone you know are experiencing food insecurity, there are local food pantries all over Los Angeles that can be of assistance! Long term resources are listed as well. While times are tough, nobody should ever have to go hungry. We here at Silicon Beach Homes are wishing everyone a safe and healthy holiday season!