This year at CES, Robots were everywhere! From the humanoid Sophia to the the delivery bot Robomarts, no matter where you turned there were robots this CES. Below are the top robots to grace CES 2018.


Aeolus Robot

Aeolus Robotics’s newest bot has interchangeable arms with seven degrees of freedom,  which allows it to do chores such as vacuuming and putting away dishes.

The voice-controlled robot is also integrated with voice-command systems like Amazon Alexa and Google Home. The robot can also recognize things like a person’s change in posture, which might occur if someone might be falling.




Robomarts’s robot is a self-driving car designed to deliver fruits and veggies. It’s essentially a grocery store on wheels. Fresh produce makes up around 60% of all groceries sold, but, according to Kantar Worldpanel, just a small fraction is ordered online because consumers want to see what they’re buying. The company plans to deploy a fleet of delivery robots to let consumers order and pick their produce.

The electric vehicle will arrive on demand. Consumers take what they like and are charged accordingly.



Omron is known for its industrial robots. Its ping-pong playing robot called Forpheus included a number of industrial robots. The system is designed to be a ping-pong tutor. It’s not meant to beat a human player, but rather keep the rally going so that the player can improve. Its uses a combination of AI and cameras to track the ping-pong ball and return it.



Hanson Robotics’  Sophia is the world’s most human-like robot. She is expressive, empathetic, and capable of interacting both verbally and nonverbally. Sophia can simulate over 60 different facial expressions, track and recognize faces, look people in the eye, and hold natural conversations.

While at CES, Sophia shaded model Chrissy Teigen cementing her as a celebrity in her right.