Relive the 80s at RocknRetro’s Back to the 80’s DANCE Party at The Warehouse!

Are you ready to travel back in time and dance the night away to the iconic beats of the 1980s? Mark your calendars for the ultimate nostalgic experience at RocknRetro’s Back to the 80’s DANCE Party! Held at The Warehouse, this event promises to be a blast from the past, filled with classic hits, vibrant fashion, and unforgettable memories.



- Saturday, June 1, 2024

- 8:00 PM – 11:00 PM

- The Warehouse, Marina del Rey, CA


As soon as you step into The Warehouse, you’ll be transported to the 1980s. The venue will be decked out in neon lights, retro decor, and all the glitz and glam that defined this iconic decade. Whether you were a fan of pop, rock, or new wave, the DJ will be spinning all your favorite 80s hits, ensuring that you won’t be able to resist hitting the dance floor.


One of the best parts about RocknRetro’s Back to the 80’s DANCE Party is the opportunity to dress up in your favorite 80s attire. Dig out those leg warmers, neon jackets, and high-waisted jeans, and channel your inner Madonna or Michael Jackson. There will be a costume contest, so come dressed to impress and you might just walk away with a fabulous prize!


This event isn’t just about the music and fashion – it’s about reliving the fun and carefree spirit of the 80s. Gather your friends and get ready to dance the night away, make new memories, and maybe even make some new friends who share your love for this unforgettable decade.


Food and Drinks:

The Warehouse will be serving up a selection of delicious food and drinks to keep you fueled throughout the night. Enjoy classic cocktails and tasty bites as you dance and mingle with fellow 80s enthusiasts.


Tickets and RSVP:

Tickets for RocknRetro’s Back to the 80’s DANCE Party are available on Meetup. Be sure to RSVP and secure your spot for this epic event. Early bird tickets are recommended as this event is expected to sell out quickly. More information can be found here.


RocknRetro’s Back to the 80’s DANCE Party is more than just a dance party – it’s a celebration of one of the most iconic decades in music and fashion. Whether you’re an 80s kid looking to relive your youth or a fan of the era who wants to experience it for the first time, this event offers the perfect blend of nostalgia, fun, and community. 


Dance to the greatest hits of the 80s, show off your retro style, and make memories that will last a lifetime. See you on the dance floor!