Every Wednesday from 6 to 8 p.m. from April 17 through September 11 you can catch a series of sailing races within Marina Del Rey.  Below, we break down the best spots to catch a race and the vast history behind the California Yacht Club.




History of the Yacht Club


The California Yacht Club has a vast history of excellence when it comes to race management. The California Yacht Club was established in 1922 in Los Angeles harbor by a group of dedicated yachtsman from Los Angeles Athletic Club. In time, the group were able to build a beautiful clubhouse with the ability to dock several hundred sail and power boats. Before long they were hosting everything from Championship-level regattas to casual weekend races. 




History of Sunset Races


In 1931, Club members held their first ever Sunset Series — an event that lasts to this day. The first year there were few regulations, with all manners of skiffs, even pointing punts, being used. As the series went on, new boats joined into the races. From dinghies to sleek rainbow class boats, it seemed everyone wanted to join the series. 




A New Home: Marina del Rey


On September 22, 1963, the Club moved into new quarters at the Sheraton Marina del Rey Hotel. The popular Sunset Series (or "Wet Wednesdays”) continued to bring in huge crowds. The new location also included a new junior program, the Overton Series for ocean racers, Matt Walsh Series for Midget Ocean Racers, and Women's Auxiliary races to name a few.


October 1, 1966 saw the big move to the exciting and beautiful new clubhouse in Marina del Rey. An armada of the Club's fleet moved into the 230 slips at the present site at the head of the main channel. The completed new facilities were formally opened on June 10, 1967. 



Today’s Regatta in Marina del Rey


The California Yacht Club puts on this series of sailing races that take place Wednesdays from 6 to 8 p.m. In 2019, the season is April 17 to September 11. Pro tip: the best viewing spots are at Fisherman’s Village and Burton Chace Park. We suggest having your camera ready around 7:30 to capture the wave of sailboats returning to the harbor’s main channel.


It has been over 75 years since the founding of the California Yacht Club and volunteers continue to work diligently to provide our members with one of the world's finest yacht clubs.