As 2018 is rolling in, Realtors are taking a hard look at the newest trends in Real Estate. As the housing market improves, so does the technology that helps us track, market and sell homes. Below is a list of the tech trends that we expect to see in 2018.


Transaction-Engagement Focused Tech

In 2017, we started to see a trend in Transaction-Engagement technology that helps agents curate an online experience. For example, Compass is building the first modern real estate platform, pairing the real estate agents with technology to make the search and sell experience intelligent and seamless.


AI and Chatbots

From Sophia the Robot to Amazon Alexa, AI and chatbots were everywhere in 2017. When it comes to real estate, chatbots have can potentially revolutionize customer service. This is especially helpful for small businesses that don’t have the extra time or staff to help generate leads. By automating the initial stages of contact between agents and clients, a real estate chatbot can help engage visitors and help find leads.


Blockchain And Real Estate Transactions

If you haven’t heard of blockchain, then you probably lived on Mars in 2017. If you are just landing on Earth and don’t know what blockchain is, it’s a platform that stores and transfers data in a new way, keeping it safe.

Blockchain can be used in Real Estate as a way to store property records for millions of homes!


Customer Relationship Management

In 2018, we will see more tools that help agents with customer relations and data. For example, Agile CRM, a platform that automates your sales, marketing, and service in one place, can help you avoid data leaks and enable consistent messaging. This fast, mobile and cloud-based platform is the newest in a long list of customer relations tools.