Polo Season Returns 



Springtime not only welcomes flowers blooming, nice warm weather and gardening, but it also means polo season is back! Polo has made its return to the Will Rogers Historic Polo Fields and we’re here to tell you what makes this field a special one.   


The Will Rogers Historic Polo Field once belonged to actor Will Rogers and he is known to have owned about 359 acres overlooking the Pacific Ocean. After his tragic passing, his wife Betty Rogers donated the ranch to the state of California with the condition that there should always be a polo field on the land. Back in the 20’s and 30’s there were 27 polo fields within the Los Angeles area and nowaday, Will Rogers is the last remaining polo field in the area. 


Polo is considered the fastest team sport there is and it combines horsemanship with adrenaline. Those who are interested in checking out the so-called “Sport of Kings” will be thrilled to know that they offer lessons for all ages. Lessons are open to anyone regardless of experience as they will teach you how to ride a horse if you have never done it before. 


Matches are free to attend to the public and you are encouraged to take your chair, food and drinks to enjoy the beauty of the game. There is even a private players area which includes a table with shade and they can be reserved ahead of time. 


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