Unveiling Playa Vista's Tech Titans

13 Companies to Watch

Playa Vista, nestled just north of LAX, is a burgeoning hub of tech innovation, drawing both established giants and promising startups into its vibrant community. Once the private domain of aviation pioneer Howard Hughes, this evolving neighborhood now serves as a nucleus for technological advancement, with companies like Google making it their home base.

To provide a glimpse into the dynamic tech landscape of Playa Vista, we've curated a list of 13 standout companies that are shaping the future of technology from this coastal enclave.

  • Flexport

    • What they do: Utilizing cutting-edge software, Flexport facilitates global freight movement, empowering shippers with supply chain management tools and data-driven insights.

    • Why they stand out: Revolutionizing logistics with innovative solutions, Flexport is redefining the way goods traverse the globe.

  • Thrive Market

    • What they do: Thrive Market is an e-commerce platform offering organic, sustainable products to its membership base, prioritizing affordability and ethical sourcing.

    • Why they stand out: By making healthy living accessible to all, Thrive Market is spearheading a wellness revolution in the digital age.

  • ChowNow

    • What they do: ChowNow provides restaurants with software solutions for online ordering, customer engagement, and brand management, empowering eateries to thrive in the digital era.

    • Why they stand out: With a comprehensive suite of tools tailored for the food industry, ChowNow is reshaping the way restaurants connect with their patrons.

  • Core Digital Media

    • What they do: Specializing in online marketing and consumer acquisition, Core Digital Media operates platforms like LowerMyBills and ClassesUSA, serving diverse markets.

    • Why they stand out: Leveraging data-driven strategies, Core Digital Media helps clients reach their target audiences effectively in the digital realm.

  • Science 37

    • What they do: Operating at the intersection of science and software, Science 37 accelerates biomedical research by facilitating clinical trials and advancing patient treatments.

    • Why they stand out: By leveraging technology to streamline research processes, Science 37 is driving innovation in healthcare and beyond.

  • Centerfield

    • What they do: Centerfield develops sales and marketing solutions powered by big data, enabling brands to engage consumers effectively across various channels.

    • Why they stand out: With a focus on real-time bidding and consumer engagement, Centerfield helps businesses unlock new opportunities in the digital marketplace.

  • 72andSunny

    • What they do: 72andSunny is an advertising agency known for its creative campaigns and brand-building efforts, serving clients ranging from Adidas to Google.

    • Why they stand out: Through innovative storytelling and design, 72andSunny helps brands leave a lasting impression on consumers worldwide.

  • Belkin International

    • What they do: Belkin International designs and manufactures tech accessories and smart home products under brands like Belkin, Linksys, and WeMo.

    • Why they stand out: With a legacy of innovation spanning decades, Belkin International continues to lead the way in connectivity and home automation.

  • Canvas Worldwide

    • What they do: Canvas Worldwide is a media agency crafting bespoke solutions for clients, leveraging creativity and strategic insights to drive results.

    • Why they stand out: By challenging conventional approaches to media planning, Canvas Worldwide delivers tailored strategies that resonate with target audiences.

  • Electronic Arts (EA)

    • What they do: Electronic Arts is a gaming powerhouse known for iconic titles like The Sims™ and FIFA, with development studios located in Playa Vista.

    • Why they stand out: Combining cutting-edge technology with creative storytelling, EA continues to redefine interactive entertainment for audiences worldwide.

  • Hack Reactor

    • What they do: Hack Reactor offers immersive coding programs, preparing aspiring software engineers for careers at top tech companies like Google and Amazon.

    • Why they stand out: With a curriculum focused on practical skills and real-world applications, Hack Reactor equips graduates with the tools needed to thrive in the tech industry.

  • The Honest Company

    • What they do: The Honest Company produces safe and sustainable home, cleaning, and beauty products, catering to conscientious consumers.

    • Why they stand out: Committed to transparency and quality, The Honest Company is reshaping the consumer goods industry with its eco-friendly offerings.

  • Rubicon Project

    • What they do: Rubicon Project automates the digital advertising marketplace, empowering brands to optimize their ad strategies and maximize revenue.

    • Why they stand out: By harnessing the power of technology, Rubicon Project simplifies the complexities of digital advertising, driving efficiency and profitability for its clients.


From revolutionizing supply chain logistics to reimagining digital marketing, the companies based in Playa Vista are at the forefront of innovation across various sectors. As this tech ecosystem continues to evolve and expand, Playa Vista solidifies its position as a dynamic hub for entrepreneurial endeavors and technological breakthroughs. Keep an eye on these 13 companies, as they pave the way for the future of technology, one innovation at a time.