Grow a Green Thumb

green leafed seedlings on black plastic pots


Plant Nurseries in Los Angeles


Gardening has become increasingly popular during Covid-19. With quarantine and repeated stay-at-home-orders people needed a way to stay occupied, and growing a garden gave many people a reason to get up and outside. 


Thankfully, it is never too late to start growing your own green thumb! Below is a list of plant nurseries in Los Angeles, offering everything from house plants, to heirloom seeds and education resources. Find a new hobby all while supporting local businesses. Enjoy!


1. Plantiitas

Plantiitas is a Long Beach-based plant nursery owned and operated by Queer POC. Despite being a new plant nursery, Plantiitas has already set roots in LA and developed a reputation for maintaining an inviting and inclusive atmosphere. Additionally, Plantiitas regularly hosts Covid-19-friendly events and sales that benefit the Los Angeles community. Support a small business and shop all plants, pots, and supplies in-store or order online for pickup and local delivery services!


2. KimThai Garden

KimThai Garden is located in Chinatown and is home to a wide variety of plants! Their selection has been known to include rare and harder-to-find plants, so definitely check out this nursery for your more unique plant needs. You can view some of what their shop has to offer over on their Instagram. Also, they regularly collaborate with other small and local businesses, so following them on social media is a great way to expand your list of local businesses to shop at across LA!


3. Orchid Fever 

Orchid Fever is a family-owned business located in Culver City. This plant nursery is, of course, home to a beautiful array of orchids, but all plant lovers will be happy after a visit to Orchid Fever, as the nursery also includes all sorts of plants, pots, and gardening supplies! You can stay up to date on new plant arrivals by following them on Instagram


4. Artemisia Nursery

Artemisia Nursery is a locally owned nursery specializing in native California plants. This nursery boasts plants, a variety of heirloom vegetable and herb seeds, and even books on plants and gardening, making it a great place for beginners to start their plant journey. All orders must be placed online, and anyone looking for delivery services should do so over the phone.


5. Hashimoto Nursery


Hashimoto Nursery has been located in West Los Angeles since 1928, initially known as O.K. Nursery. The plant nursery is family-owned and operated and has been for three generations. Shoppers can find plants, seeds, and succulents of all kinds. Check out their Instagram to see what plants and supplies they have in-store!