In a place that is sunny and warm all year long, you can bet that surfing is a big part of daily life in Silicon Beach. Whether you are an expert who needs a new wetsuit or a newbie who simply needs a board, there are plenty of places to go around Silicon Beach. We’ve listed some of our favorites below!

Maui & Sons

“You will always be welcomed in with a smile and a ready hand to help with whatever you need,” says the Maui and Sons website.

Maui & Sons opened its doors in 2008 on the Venice Boardwalk and has since become a colorful staple.

“Maui & Sons Retail Surf Shop received a warm welcome from Venice locals and tourists alike,” says the website. The surf shop offers everything from surf lessons and board rentals to board shorts and rash guards.

The shop also has men, women and children’s clothing in both surf and skater brands.


The store is located at 1415 Ocean Front Walk, Venice and you can reach the shop at (310) 392-6284.



One Wave Surf

Created by a Los Angeles local in 2003, One Wave Surf is the brainchild of Tyler Trafas. Trafas came up with the idea for One Wave Surf while repairing surfboards in his garage. He realized that many people threw out damaged boards that could be refurbished and used.

He began buying and refurbishing used surfboards, creating a new and eco-friendly business. He made high-quality boards at low cost, keeping considerable synthetic materials out of the landfills and atmosphere.

One Wave Surf has since added advanced coaching, surf guides, adventure travel, and surf-oriented Yoga instruction to the list of services. 

One Wave Surf is located at 1 45th St, Manhattan Beach, CA or call them at (323) 521-9283.


Mollusk Surf Shop

Mollusk is not your run of the mill surf shop. Yes, they sell surfboards, wetsuits and gear, but they also sell movies, book and art. What began as a surf shop has evolved into a “cultural institution that integrates surfing, art, craft, music, film, and visual media,” their website states.


Mollusk sells product made by friends and neighbors, host art shows in their galleries, and function as a concert venue. They also welcome surfers and artists alike to hangout in their stores.

Mollusk Surf Shop is located at 1600 Pacific Ave, Venice and you can contact them at (310) 396-1969