There seems to be a love/hate relationship with Airbnb in Silicon Beach. Tourists love the opportunity to rent out beachfront property for a good price, but homeowners are running into issues. In 2015, Santa Monica passed some of the toughest legislature in the country for short term rentals.


The regulations specifically target Airbnb and other tourist rental websites, explicitly bars renting units for fewer than 30 days. The measure legalizes home-sharing – the rental of a couch or spare bedroom, for instance – as long as the host registers with the city and pays taxes.


This has caused backlash from those who use Airbnb to help afford the rising home prices of Santa Monica. One Santa Monica resident told The LA Times that Airbnb has afforded her to go visit her kids and grandkids, because she knows she will make money while away from home.


Santa Monica insists that the change in legislature wasn’t passed to penalize those renting out their homes while they travel. Instead it was passed to hold accountable property owners who use invest properties solely for short-term rentals. In 2015, these “tourist units” made up  about 1,400 of 1,700 short-term rentals advertised on three major websites, according to a city report.


Strict legislature is not the only issue property owners are facing, Santa Monica Canyon homeowners are having issues with their properties being listed on Airbnb by tenants.


“Twice now, I have found my property on Airbnb, listed by my tenant,” said a source told Canyon News last year. The source told Canyon News that they faced “property damage, excessive wear and tear” and “complaints from neighbors as well as clogged sewers and drains,” because of Airbnb renters.


The only way to tell if your property is on Airbnb is to go to the site often and look through the photos, otherwise there is no way to tell if your tenant is renting out your home for profit. It is suggested that property owners include a “no-subletting” clause in leasing agreements, as to deter tenants from short-term leasing the property.