Preserving Los Angeles

green and brown mountains under blue sky during daytime


Los Angeles Nature Reserves


Los Angeles is so often viewed as a big city with big possibilities, and as a result it can be easy to forget that there is more to LA than career prospects and avocado toast. LA is home to opportunity and millennial creations, but it also boasts an abundance of nature reserves to visit.


True to their name, nature reserves are meant to protect and maintain the vegetation growing and wildlife living in different parts of the county. They play an important role in LA’s natural environment, and they also make a great escape from the hustle and bustle of the city. 


1. Portugese Bend Nature Reserve

The Portugese Bend Nature Reserve opens an hour before sunrise for early-bird hikers and stays open for an hour after sunset to accommodate those with busy schedules. The views are scenic and dogs are also welcome at this reserve, so bring your fur buddy along!


2. Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve

Visitors of the Sepulveda Basin Wildlife Reserve are sure to spot wildlife. There are tortoises, rabbits, all sorts of birds, and even the occasional snake, so be on the lookout! It is also a gorgeous hiking spot, with the trail circling Wildlife Lake. Information about different reserve events can also be found on their website.


3. Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve

This nature reserve protects Los Angeles wetlands and the wildlife that depend on the wetlands for survival. Wetlands are vital to combating climate change and rising sea levels. Non-native plants are being removed as a means of allowing native vegetation to prosper—fish, birds, and other wildlife benefit from this process as well. Ballona Wetlands Ecological Reserve is a great walking spot, even with little ones!


4. White Point Nature Education Center and Preserve

The goal of this nature reserve is to maintain the habitat, make natural improvements as needed, and educate the local population about the importance of preserving nature. It is also a great location for hiking, the ocean views are stunning! Visitors can even see Catalina Island on a clear day.


5. Madrona Marsh Preserve and Nature Center

The Madrona Marsh is yet another top-tier location for a nature walk, and it is also an invaluable asset for migrating birds. Interestingly, the marsh is filled with rain water during rainy winter and spring months, and this sustains any wildlife in the area.


Nature is calling, get outside and enjoy!