Los Angeles Art Scene

woman wearing hooded top making LA hand sign graffiti

Murals In LA

Professionals of all kinds find themselves moving to Los Angeles for career opportunities. People interested in being actors or getting involved in the music industry come here often. As do entrepreneurs, educators, artists, and so on. In general, Los Angeles is home to a wide array of professionals, and the culture in this city conveys that.


Art culture in Los Angeles is every where. You can find artists selling their work in Venice, art centers and museums in Downtown, and murals cover walls all over the city. Interacting with art has even been possible in Covid-19 times, as artists are still trying to make a livelihood and works of art are quite literally painted on the streets of our city. 


We here at Silicon Beach Homes have compiled a list of some of the best murals in Los Angeles to share with you all. If you are an artist aching to move to Los Angeles, or an LA resident interested in a more artsy part of the city, reach out to broker Erin Alls and she will make your move happen!


1. Pink Wall 

The Pink Wall, created by designer and clothing store owner Paul Smith, is a huge attraction for tourists and Los Angeles natives alike. The Pink Wall has gotten tons of interest on social media platforms like Instagram. It’s a good photo opportunity for adults and kids alike! Head over to 8221 Melrose Ave to check it out.


2. Polka Dot Wall

This fun, family-friendly piece of wall art was made by The Most Famous Artists and can be found at 608 Mateo St. The brick wall is painted white and covered in polka dots of all colors.


3. Angel Wings

You can find the Angel Wings, made by artist Colette Miller, all over Los Angeles. Whether you are down south in Long Beach or closer to the heart of downtown LA, you can find Angel Wings for your photo. The wings were painted across the city in 2012 as part of Miller’s Global Angel Wings campaign. 


4. The Great Wall of Los Angeles

The mural was designed by Judith Baca and created by over 400 kids and artists from across the city, and can be visited at 12900 Oxnard St. It’s an absolute must see for anyone interested in history, as it highlights both historical figures and historical moments that have helped shape Los Angeles, and California as a whole, into the places we know them as today.


5. Made in LA

The Made in LA wall can be found at 8025 Melrose Ave. This mural is a bit different than most, as the colors are more neutral. Nonetheless, it is a great mural for Los Angeles residents to check out, but it has also become a popular tourist attraction for visitors.