There are few places in Los Angeles are more serene than Malibu Lagoon State Beach. This state beach is a unit of the Santa Monica Mountains National Recreation Area, and is protected by the state. The beach is now used to provide for the health, inspiration and education Californians by helping to preserve the state’s biological diversity. 


The State Beach is the perfect spot to host field trips for local school children. The beach offers lessons in protecting and conserving California land, and protecting sea life from human waste. 

Reservations for field trips are required, so make sure to call and schedule the field trip long before you hope to take the trip. Approved K through 12 schools may have parking fees waived upon a principle approval of the field trip. All other groups that attend must pay parking fees upon entrance to the park: I,e. Scouts, after school programs, etc.


Self Guided Tours:

For grade K-12, Teachers may bring students on their own to Malibu Lagoon and Beach. This gives teachers of all grades the opportunity to teach based upon their curriculum.  An interpretive guide of hike and safety suggestions are available upon request!


Hands On Education: 

Malibu Lagoon provides an education through exploration. The children’s education program at Adamson House and Malibu Lagoon Museum focuses on youth in elementary school grades, specifically grades 3 through 6. The program introduces students to the park’s extraordinary biological diversity. Specific topics include Chumash Indian culture; ecology; plant, fish and animal life; and environmental pollution. Children learn through hands on activities so binoculars and magnifying glasses are provided for children to learn through touch. The goal of the Malibu Lagoon field trip is to combine the fun of taking a trip to the beach with an opportunity to learn fascinating facts about the natural and cultural history of the Malibu Lagoon.  

Tours of Adamson House show 21st century children how a family lived in the 1930s and invites comparisons to present-day life and society. The lavish use of tile and other distinctive decorative elements is also discussed.

Children’s tours are sponsored by Malibu Adamson House Foundation. Call (310) 456-8432 for more information.