Reopening in Los Angeles

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LA Businesses Reopen

After more than a two-month pause, Los Angeles businesses are opening their doors. Starting Friday, outdoor dining at restaurants and personal care businesses will reopen. All nonessential businesses have also received a bit of good news. While nonessential businesses were not previously permitted to stay open between the hours of 10 p.m. and 5 a.m., that restriction is ending. 


In general, the new health order provides businesses more flexibility. Even personal care services have more leeway, as their indoor capacity will be 25 percent once the health order is released. 


But the big question now is, how do we enjoy and support the restaurants and personal care businesses we love while remaining Covid-19 conscious? 


While Covid-19 cases have decreased in Los Angeles during this most recent stay-at-home order, cases can still rise, especially as businesses open their doors again. In all situations, wearing a mask can significantly reduce your chances of contracting Covid-19. Wearing a mask also provides a level of protection for those around you.


While utilizing personal care services is beneficial to the business’s success and our self-confidence, being mindful of the risks is necessary to our safety. When inside nail salons, be aware of the plexiglass used to separate the nail tech from the customer. That is in place for everyone’s safety, and making use of it will reduce your chances of getting sick. When inside any personal care business, allow people space and distance. 


If you are enjoying a meal at your favorite restaurant, you can also take Covid-19 precautions. Only remove your mask to eat or drink. Keeping your mask secured over your nose and mouth as often as possible will limit your chances of contracting Covid-19. Although you are not inside a building, you are still in close quarters with people outside your household. Being socially distanced when partaking in outdoor dining will benefit you, the restaurant staff, and other guests.


As Covid-19 continues to be a daunting presence in our daily lives, we have to adapt. It is still possible to participate in fun activities, like treating ourselves to a fresh haircut or taking a loved one to dinner. We can still do all of this. 


However, if Covid-19 cases rise, more measures and closures will be implemented, and a fun night out will be spent inside. So, as we support small and local businesses, let’s be safe, aware, and active in our efforts to stop the spread of Covid-19.