Local Food Banks

                                            Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Volunteer In LA

This list of food banks is for anyone who may need it, and anyone who wants to help.


1. Burbank Food Bank

The Burbank Food Bank is a branch of the Salvation Army that ensures families and individuals leave with enough food to last three to five days.


Volunteers sort and organize the donations, serve food, and can help with additional tasks that may arise during their scheduled shift.


2. Los Angeles Regional Food Bank

The Los Angeles Regional Food Bank is an amazing resource that locates food pantries across the city, making it easier for everyone to find their local food pantry.


With the assistance of volunteers at the Los Angeles Regional Food Bank, over 700 partner organizations can provide food in every part of Los Angeles. 


3. Project Angel Food

Project Angel Food is a non-profit organization that delivers prepared meals to people with critical illnesses. In the past 32 years, Project Angel has provided more than 13 million meals to people across Los Angeles.


Volunteers put together meals and hand-deliver them, call to chat and check-in with clients, or package letters and make bracelets to ship to clients.


4. Senior Breakfast & Grocery Pantry

The Senior Breakfast & Grocery Pantry serves breakfast to almost 200 seniors every Friday morning, with every senior getting a bag full of groceries as they leave.


Volunteers will help prepare and serve breakfast, as well as put together and pass out the groceries. 


5. World Harvest Food Bank

A cart full of groceries is available for every family or individual who comes to World Harvest Food Bank, with the average cart carrying nearly 200 pounds of food!


Ways to help include volunteering your time, with each volunteer shift lasting four hours, or you can make a monthly donation, which is used to deliver food to other distributor organizations and maintain the facility.


One Last Thing

More volunteer events will begin to open for signups as we get farther into the holiday season. Keep an eye out for more opportunities to help!