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LA Antique Stores


We’ve shouted out a few local Los Angeles shops and businesses this year, but we haven’t discussed the many antique stores across the city. That changes today!


LA is a fantastic place for shopping of all kinds; in a city this big, you’re bound to find whatever it is you’re looking for—vintage items included. And to help quicken your antique hunt ever so slightly, we have compiled a list of our favorite antique stores Los Angeles has to offer. 



1. King Richard’s Antique Center

Located in a building with as much history as the antiques it houses, King Richard’s Antique Center is a prime spot for anyone looking to find a unique staple piece for their home. Antiques sold include toys, artwork, furniture, and clothing. 



2. The Hunt Vintage

Look no further lovers of mid-century furniture; the Hunt Vintage is your store. Items sold include everything from vintage sofas and shelving to antique lamps and artwork. It’s a one-stop-shop for an entire mid-century home makeover. 



3. Studio Antiques

Known for its vast array of vinyl, Studio Antiques appeals to music lovers and antiquarians alike. Aside from records, shoppers can also find hundred-year-old literature, typewriters, photographs, and other artwork. Additionally, there are toys, jewelry, all sorts of furniture, and collectibles.



4. Retro Relics

Retro Relics carries an incredibly diverse inventory. Whether you like exquisite jewelry and crystal statues or intricate paperweights and handcrafted antique art, Retro Relics never disappoints.



5. Hutch Vintage and Handmade

Even if you’re not into antiques, this store is an absolute stunner. Find fabulous vintage clothing, peruse their handmade (or antique) art, and check out their neverending supply of beautiful vintage furniture. Their Instagram is a great way to stay updated on their newest arrivals.



Happy antique searching, everybody!