L.A. Times Food Bowl


It is no secret that we here at Silicon Beach Homes are big foodies and we’re always sharing our favorite places to dine in or take out. It goes without saying that we were delighted to find out that the L.A. Times will be hosting a month of events celebrating LA’s diverse food scene. As we have mentioned before, LA offers an enormous variety of different cuisines for all paletes. During the month of September you can expect everything from a night market food festival to pop ups to chef collaborations and even a food bike tour of DTLA. 


The night market is scheduled for the weekend of the 23rd to the 25th at Hollywood’s Paramount Pictures Studio and tickets are required. The tickets range in value depending on whether you will be assisting a single day or the whole weekend. Once inside, you can expect all inclusive food and drink tasting, cooking demonstrations, seminars and more. The theme of the first night, Friday the 23rd is “Smoked Soirée.” This elevated bbq will bring together top chefs to provide you with their best dishes, smoke infused cocktails and grilled desserts. The following night will be “Saturday Night Flavor” so be ready to taste the flavors of the world. From Thai to Ethiopian food, be prepared to indulge in cuisines from all around the globe. The final day is titled “Backlot Brunch” where they claim you will eat your way through the city enjoying pizza, tequila and so much more. 


Although the festival will take place on the last weekend of the month, there are events for you to check out every single evening this month! For more information on the calendar check the link below.