We’ve all heard of car sharing and bike sharing, but few have heard of the newest trend to hit Silicon Beach: scooter sharing! Bird is a fun new way to cut back your carbon footprint, while still getting to where you want to go! The Silicon Beach-based startup has raised $15 million to expand its fleet of shared electric scooters!


How it works

Users log on to the Bird app to locate and reserve a nearby scooter, scanning a code on the vehicle to unlock it, much like you would a shared bike. Once you’ve reached your destination, you simple park and lock the scooter within the app. Rides are won’t break the bank either! They cost $1 plus 15 cents per mile.


Bird in Silicon Beach

Bird has been available in Silicon Beach communities since September 2017, with riders logging

250,000 rides from September through February.


“More riders are taking flight on Birds each day — on their way to work, lunch, the bus stop or campus — because it is a safe, low-cost transportation solution for short trips around town,” said founder and CEO Travis VanderZanden to BizJournal. “We look forward to bringing our Birds to new communities across the country.”


The Commute

The biggest use of Birds are in the morning between 6am and 10am. The Bird is the go to way to get to work for those who want quick way to avoid traffic without breaking a sweat like you would on a shared bike. The low cost to rent one, along with the convenience, makes it the perfect way for many to get to work around town.


The downfall

Though some people love the electric scooters and their convenience, there’s a large group who despise the scooters on every corner. Because you don’t need to dock the scooter in a particular place, the scooters end up parked in gardens, walkways, sidewalks, alleyways, and pretty much every other inconvenient spot.


There is also a question of how safe the scooters are, especially when driven through congested city sidewalks. Luckily, riders can request helmets through the App and you must have a driver's license and be 18 years or older to even rent a scooter.