How to Prepare Your Home for the Rainy Season



It is important that with the rain, we know how to properly ensure we are keeping our home safe to avoid costly damage of not only the exterior of the home, but also the interior. Today we have gathered several tips to make sure your home stays safe this rainy season. 


First on our list is keeping your gutters clean. Not only are they designed to make sure the water flows away from your home but they also play an important role in preventing mold and other rain related issues. Rinsing them with the hose is usually enough to remove any debris buildup that could potentially prevent your gutters from doing their job. Another great way to prevent water damage is by resealing your windows and doors. This is important to not allow water outside your home but also to keep the heat inside. 


Perhaps a no-brainer but still worth the mention would be to check your roof and any skylights to make sure they are leak proof. If you would like some professional advice you can reach out to an inspector from our vendors list. You may also want to protect any outdoor equipment you may have in your patios or backyards such as outdoor furniture, barbeque and anything else you may want to shelter from the rain. If you live in an area that is of high risk of getting floods you may also want to consider checking out your basement (if applicable) and perhaps getting a hold of some sandbags to redirect the water towards drainage areas.