Here is How to Get Money Directly to People in Ukraine 


The attacks on Ukraine are affecting people immensely day by day. Our heart goes out to those who are witnessing everything first hand as well as those who have family and loved ones in Ukraine. Neighboring countries are taking in refugees, people are sharing important information via social media, and there are several new and creative ways to get money directly to the people. Here we have arranged a list of ways you can help get money directly to Ukranians without having to go through an organization. 


One way we can ensure that money gets directly to the citizens of Ukraine is through Etsy. Through Etsy you can purchase digital files created by Ukrainian citizens by searching “digital files” and adding Ukraine under the filters of countries you choose to buy from. Etsy is currently waiving all fees for Ukraine based sellers therefore they will be receiving the full amount. 


Another way you can help the people of Ukraine directly is through Airbnb. Airbnb is using 100% of donations to help people with short term housing. Similar to Etsy, people are booking stays in the Ukraine which are not intended to be used, but by doing so they are allowing money to reach people directly. Airbnb is also waiving all fees for Ukrainian hosts. 


In order to keep accurate information flowing throughout the media, Jakub Parusinski has started a gofundme on behalf of Kyiv Independent. The Kyiv Independent continues to work in order to give the world trusted news. Now more than ever it is important to keep real, accurate and honest news circulating through the media in order to get a good understanding of what is going on in Ukraine.  


Below are the links to Etsy, Airbnb and the gofundme campaign mentioned above. 


Shop Etsy downloads


Support through Airbnb