Are people purchasing homes off of

Virtual Tours... The answer is yes!

Although quarantine and travel restrictions mean that buyers cannot actually view homes for sale, the evidence suggests that when restrictions increase, many buyers will spend more time on websites and real estate portals to pass the time and add items of properties of interest to Bookmark until the lockdown ends.

Real estate agents looking for solutions to this problem are increasingly offering sellers the ability to photograph their houses to create virtual visions.

But is this really effective? Is it in the seller's best interest?

The Year of Virtual Tour

Under normal circumstances, the overall goal of virtual travel is to provide customers with an online real estate experience that is more immersive than you can imagine with photos alone, and to induce buyers to book for showing.

However, virtual tours now have a slightly different purpose: to greatly reduce the number of physical viewing that salespeople must consider (and ideally, eliminate them altogether). Through web browsing, buyers can better understand the entire property without having to collect personal recordings in their hearts. The virtual tour provides context for the division of houses, which rooms are on which floors and which rooms are related to each other.


Potential buyers can take the virtual tour before booking in the coronavirus or skip the virtual tour entirely; they should now spend a lot of time familiarizing themselves with online ownership. The involvement of agents should facilitate this practice through the best virtual tour they can create.

The considerations of capturing virtual tours during the coronavirus

Here are other tips on how agents can customize virtual tours during the coronavirus period:

1. Use specific information from the virtual to enhance your understanding of the home.

Many realtors will treat your virtual tour as a marketing strategy.  As a buyer, you should think of it is a real show. There is no doubt that the breathtaking movie scenery of the home is really beautiful and will definitely attract people's attention. Virtual tours are great tools helps buyers make decisions. The more detailed information provided about the property, the better: room size, ceiling height, materials used in the kitchen, bathroom, and floor-add dubbing or overlay text that meets these requirements. All of  this information helps buyers decide if want to see the property in person or just write an offer to get started on negotiations prior to other buyers.

2. Seller Love Virtual Tours 

When a virtual tour tour is provided to buyers. It makes the impact on sellers and their daily lives little easier. Now that buyers are making decisions based on virtual tours. The seller will not have to leave the property on multiple occasions if they are still occuping.

The real impact on the seller will be the initial capture with the Matterport for about 3 hours.  Vendors will bring masks, gloves and disinfectant wipes. The seller will be asked to keep all lights on and open the inner door to minimize contact with the surface and keep it clean after completion.

3. Use correct methods and techniques for virtual screening

With tools like FaceTime or Zoom, agents can actually accompany customers one-on-one. For occupied properties, real estate agents can use virtual private predictions to train sellers. In virtual private projections, buyers, buyer’s agents and listing agents are actually involved.

The National Association of Realtors has provided some great advice and can provide agents with a series of videos called "Pivot in Place". In an episode of the series released on March 30, 2020, Mabel Guzman, Vice President of Public Affairs at NAR 2020, shared some of the best virtual screening practices for serving overseas or traveling customers in the past 5 years. In the video, he suggested:

The correct application is the one you have access to.

FaceTime or Google Hangouts are very popular and are designed to make it easier for customers to view or participate in views. According to the current regulations of the shelter in place, most families can more easily use the technologies and tools they have or are using.

Provide perspective.
It is important notice while doing a virutal tour to note the size of the room. Use existing furniture to add proportions or make a note such as "This door is six feet high and see how high the ceiling is.


Is a virtual tour enough?

In most cases, the live demo will continue after a successful video viewing or virtual experience. According to our Q1 2020 Top Agent Insights, most agents reported that less than 5% of transactions were related to unseen offers before the pandemic. For most buyers, buying a home still seems like too daunting a decision to make online.  However, agents help their clients adapt, make the most of virtual travel and get creative in tough times.