With the Hermosa Beach St. Patty’s Day parade just around the corner, Silicon Beach is a buzz with excited over the annual parade! The parade takes place on Saturday, March 16 at 11:00am! 



Each year, over 100 local businesses, schools and organizations take part in the seven-block parade down Pier Avenue. The parade features Irish themed festivities including bagpipers from the Emerald Society, floats, clydesdale horses and four-legged friends from the Irish Setters Club of Southern California.


The parade has become such a popular tradition in Hermosa Beach, that the parade draws about 20,000 spectators and participants each year. Bringing money to local shops, restaurants and businesses! 


The Route:

The parade begins at the staging area near City Hall on Valley Drive, makes a left onto Pier Avenue and ends at the corner of Hermosa Avenue and 10th Street.


In what has become a popular tradition in Hermosa Beach, the parade draws about 20,000 spectators and participants who come to enjoy the family affair as well as the great dining, shopping and beautiful beach weather that Hermosa Beach has to offer.


What’s New This Year?

The nearly 20,000 spectators will be treated for a few new and exciting things this year, including the Budweiser Clydesdales and an appearance made by the Dumbo Drone! 


The team of 8 Budweiser Clydesdale horses — known for their massive size and the silky, white “feathers” on the lower legs — will gallop down Pier Avenue. The bunch will pull the full Budweiser hitch, accompanied by their familiar companions, two Dalmatian dogs.


One of the most exciting new additions is the The Dumbo Drone, which organizers are hoping to gain approval for in the coming days. The Dumbo Drone is a high-flying replica of the lead character from Disney’s live action/animated hybrid movie premiering on March 29. Parade organizer Michael Bell said his team is awaiting permits from the Hermosa Beach Police and the FAA for the elephant airship.


The parade will also feature an ice cream truck with free treats sponsored by Kinecta Federal Credit Union, and an appearance from veteran sportscaster Mark Willard.


Flogging Molly’s Concert

There are few bands more who are more appropriate to play at a St. Patty’s Day celebration than Flogging Molly. The Irish punk-rock band will be taking over the Hollywood Palladium on Sunset Blvd. in L.A. on March 17. Our pro tip: Spend all day Saturday in Hermosa Beach enjoying the festivities then pop over to Sunset Blvd on Sunday to enjoy the block party!