Here Comes Halloween


Spooky Decor In LA

It’s finally October Eve! We here at Silicon Beach Homes are big fans of holiday flare, and there is no better way to celebrate the eeriest month of the year than by flipping your home into the haunted house of your dreams.


Below is a list of places to shop for all your Halloween must-haves.


Local Halloween Decor Stores

Finding local businesses has gotten easier as shop owners use online platforms, like Etsy, to sell their products.


1. CapiLuCreations

Fall reminds many people of cold weather, hot chocolate, and being snuggled up on the couch while a Halloween movie plays in the background, and the key to the comfiest sofa is throw pillows!


Fall and Halloween-themed throw pillows and pillow covers are stocked at essentially every department store, but you can find unique and handmade throw pillows when shopping with small businesses. 


CapiLuCreations is a small business that sells on Etsy, and they sell a variety of Halloween pillow covers.


If you’re looking for a pop of color, this bright green Frankenstein pillow will make a great addition to your Halloween decor. They also have Morticia and Wednesday pillow covers for fans of ‘The Addams Family.’ 


If you’re looking for a truly horrifying Halloween, snag one of these Jason or Pennywise pillow covers. Or browse their shop to find your favorites. There are fun signs as well!


2. hustLAnation

There is a perfect blend of silly and chilling Halloween decor on the hustLAnation Etsy shop.


These colorful wall decorations would be adorable at a kid’s Halloween party. While these children’s tote bags are not decorations, they would be a fun coloring activity before trick-or-treating.


Anyone looking for skeleton decor will have a great time browsing the hustLAnation shop. There are so many different skeleton items for sale, from big birds and half-buried bodies to pretty string lights and lanterns.


HustLAnation has even more handmade Halloween decorations, so stop by their online store and shop away.


3. old red truck designs

If rustic farmhouse is your style, you will love every Halloween and fall decor item from this small business.


Wooden blocks are stacked to make Acorns, Apples & Autumn, and Pumpkin Spice Season signs. There are punny items, including the Broom Parking wall decor and If The Broom Fits standing block.


Their Etsy shop features other Halloween wall decor and wooden signs as well.


Warehouse Halloween Stores

While large Halloween stores are not often locally owned, they still carry some awesome Halloween decor, and they are worth visiting as well.


1. Halloween Town Store

Halloween Town Store is the one-stop shop for Halloween lovers. As a bonus, people can visit no matter the season, as the store is open year-round. There are three different stores: Halloween Town Store, Halloween Town Costumes, and Halloween Town Kids. All stores are in the same location, just several doors apart.


Halloween Town Store houses the decorations, and their options fit every style of spooky. There is the room-specific decor, like horror-inspired handsoaps and terror-inducing shower curtains. Shoppers can also find creepy crawlers (some of them are even in frames!), severed limbs and chopped-off heads, and so much more.


This is such a fun store, and there is no way to avoid the Halloween spirit once you arrive!


2. Glendale Halloween

Glendale Halloween’s inventory also focuses on all their customer’s possible Halloween needs. There is indoor and outdoor decor, costumes for all ages, face paint, makeup, and wigs to complete the look. 


For decor specifically, the store is stocked with inflatable ghosts and pumpkins for your yard, bone-chilling skeletons and mummies, and humongous hairy spiders. 


It’s important to note that online shopping for this store is unavailable. However, going in-store is still a solid option because you get the whole hauntingly fun experience!


One Last Thing

Decorating our homes for the holidays should be an enjoyable and safe experience, and living in a comfortable home is the best way to make that happen. 


Reach out to Erin Alls and the Silicon Beach Homes team if you are ready to find a home that works for every holiday. Your Halloween decor is going to look terrifyingly fantastic in your forever home!