Grow into the Spring Season with these

Local Los Angeles Gardens 


With Spring Here, it is the perfect time to go out and enjoy our local gardens. Local gardens are a great way to come together as a community. Whether it is because you want to learn something new, or maybe it sparks good old memories, you should check out a local garden this year. Here we have compiled a list of local gardens for you to check out! 


The Cook’s Garden

The Cook’s Garden is located at 1033 Abbot Kinney Blvd in Venice and they are open weekends from 12pm-4pm. Their mission is to promote hyper-locaverism, which they define as “returning to our agrarian past and bringing it into our way of life.” The Cook’s garden is all about approaching gardening through sustainable and organic methods as well as keeping the carbon footprint minimal. They have different harvest subscriptions, one  that allows you to go weekly and gain hands-on experience as well as harvesting techniques and more, the second subscription is intended for the “serious home cook” or a private chef who needs a larger harvest. Aside from those two harvesting plans they also offer a Harvest-a-Bouquet and home consultations as well. 


Main Street Community Garden 

This is the largest and oldest community garden in the area! It was built in 1976 and to this day it has 75 plots that are rented out by Santa Monica residents. The great thing about this community garden is that residents are allowed to plant and grow based on their personal preferences. The garden opens its gate on the 2nd Saturday of every month to allow visitors and residents to enjoy this local gem. 


Wattles Farm

Wattles farm is a community garden located in the heart of Hollywood. They are currently accepting new membership applications but they also offer private rentals for events such as weddings, celebrations and film/TV shoots. This garden has a lot of history as it was once part of an elegant 49 acre estate which was one of the earliest attractions in Hollywood. Last year they hosted a number of great events so keep an eye out for this year's events. 


For more information on the mentioned farms, check out the links below.