Gray Whale Migration

                                           Photo by Abigail Lynn on Unsplash

Los Angeles Whale Watching

Welcome to Los Angeles, a city surrounded by stunning coastal waters and the beautiful marine life that lives there. 


Aquatic animals frequent the Los Angeles coast year-round, but the winter and spring months bring larger visitors, like gray whales. 


Gray whales can be spotted passing through the Los Angeles coast as they head toward Baja California, Mexico to mate and fatten up their babies—young whales need time to grow blubber thick enough to handle traveling to the Arctic for the summer months.


Whale watching tours are always available along the Southern California coast, and the next few months are an especially great opportunity to see some whales while enjoying the view of deep ocean waters.


Below are some local tour options for anyone interested in getting out on the water and spotting some sea life!


1. Harbor Breeze Cruises

Located in Long Beach, Harbor Breeze Cruises provides a whale-watching excursion at an affordable price. Each trip lasts roughly two hours and online tickets start at $30—in-person ticket purchases start at $45.


Commonly seen marine life includes dolphins, sea lions, and a variety of whales, including gray whales!


The boat is wheelchair accessible.


2. Blue Moon Wildlife Cruise

Those aboard a Blue Moon Wildlife Cruise have spotted gray whales during their migration season. May seemed to be a great month for whale watching in years past.


Attendees can expect to see a variety of dolphins as well. Dolphins that do not migrate, like the Common Dolphin and Bottlenose Dolphin, can be seen all year long.


The boat is not wheelchair accessible. All cruises are private.


3. SoCal Whale Watching

SoCal Whale Watching offers two different whale-watching experiences: the Premier Dolphin and Whale Adventure, and the Exclusive Private Dolphin and Whale Adventure.


Both tours last 2.5 hours and offer the same amenities, but the private tour is for your group only and passengers have the choice of being dropped off at their desired location.


Premier tours are $88 for adults, and private tours are $450.


While no whale-watching cruise can guarantee there will be marine life visible in the water, SoCal Whale Watching provides a second free trip to passengers if no animals are seen on their excursion!


The boat does not appear to be wheelchair accessible.


4. Newport Coastal Adventure

In January alone, passengers of Newport Coastal Adventure whale-watching tours have already seen 15 gray whales! Other whale species and hundreds of dolphins have been spotted this year as well.


General admission tours are $69.50 for adults. Private tours start at $349. Both excursions last about two hours.


The boats are not wheelchair accessible. Children aged five and younger are not permitted due to safety concerns.


5. Capt. Dave’s Dana Point Dolphin & Whale Watching Safari

Whale watching excursions through Capt. Dave’s is an incredible experience. There are two tour options.


Guests who attend the Signature Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari have access to underwater viewing pods, allowing for a truly immersive experience. Catch a glimpse of a gray whale under the water! 


The Zodiac Dolphin and Whale Watching Safari are shorter, lasting two hours because the boat is much faster. The faster speed provides a fun adrenaline rush while experiencing the ocean and marine life.


Adult tickets start at $66.75 for winter tours, but the standard price is $89.


The Signature boat is wheelchair accessible, however, the Zodiac boat is not. Children 5 and under are not permitted on the Zodiac excursion due to safety concerns.


One Last Thing


Be sure to check each business's website and/or give their offices a call for more detailed information. Have a great time!