Get Vaccinated, Get Rewarded 



More and more businesses are now offering free items to those who are fully vaccinated. According to US News, although more than one-third of Americans are fully vaccinated, the speed of vaccinations has slowed down, this is where these incentives come into play. People love free things, they always have and they always will, check out these sweet rewards many businesses are giving out to those who are fully vaccinated. 


Probably the most exciting reward to all lovers of sweets is Krispy Kreme’s pledge to give out a free donut to every customer who is completely vaccinated for the rest of the year. You can now go get a free donut at any Krispy Kreme location every day with the help of your Vaccination ID card. This sure sounds like a sweet reward! If you're a sports fan, there are some rewards for you as well. Major League Soccer will be providing a 30% discount on in-stadium merchandise with proof of vaccination while the Dodgers are offering 20% off tickets and a designated seating area for those who are fully vaccinated. 


For those local to the area, Long Beach is offering all residents the opportunity to win either a Nintendo Switch or a two-night stay at a local hotel. Residents who have received at least one dose will be automatically entered to win a prize of their choice. Drawings take place daily and winners are being notified by phone or email. The mayor has decided that they will continue to offer incentives in order to get as many residents vaccinated. 


Staples and Office Depot want your vaccine cards to be taken care of, that is why they are offering free lamination to everyone. Although it is recommended that you take a picture of your card, you can head over to any of these two places and get your card laminated for free. Now, if you are yet to be vaccinated, this deal is for you, Uber and Lyft are offering free rides to vaccination centers all over the country. Get your free ride to a center so you can start getting in on the freebies!


Although this whole incentive project is quite new, make sure you stay tuned for any new incentives and rewards that are put into action!