One in five people in Los Angeles County experiences food insecurity. This holiday season, help ensure that no one goes hungry by giving back to the community. Below, we have listed some of the best food pantries and food drives in Silicon Beach and Beyond to donate to!


The LA Food Bank

The Los Angeles Food Bank has been fighting hunger since 1973. Over the past 4 decades, The LA Food Bank has given over 1.1 billion pounds of food to those in need. With the help of 37,000 volunteers annually and an agency network of more than 600 partner agencies, the food banks serves more than 300,000 people on a monthly basis. 


Approximately one-quarter of the food donated to the LA Food Bank goes to children, and roughly one-fifth goes to older adults. It is estimated that only 10% of the food goes to the homeless, instead, the majority of the food going to low-income families and individuals who sometimes struggle to make ends meet in the expensive Los Angeles County.


Just $100 provides $400 meals to those in need! To donate to the LA Food Bank and help keep bellies full this holiday season, click here! 


World Harvest Food Bank

The World Harvest Food Bank is different from others in the area because it acts just like a supermarket. For $40, people and need can receive up to two carts full of groceries. Don’t have the $40? No problem. The owners exchange 4 hours of work for the cost of the groceries. 


World Harvest Food Bank operates one branch facility in Downtown Los Angeles, with 200+ partner agencies, including food pantries, soup kitchens, shelters and after school programs for children. The Food Bank assists families and individuals in 58 counties within the state of California and they currently distribute an average of 25 million pounds of food.


To donate to Work Harvest Food Bank, click here! 


The Westside Food Bank 

Westside Food Bank is an independent, non-profit corporation that was founded in 1981. The goal of the Westside Food Bank is to provide food to social service agencies on the Westside of Los Angeles County.


According to the Westside Food Bank website, the food donated “often enables low-income people to stay in their homes, deterring the problem of homelessness, because it saves them from having to make the agonizing choice between paying for rent or food when they can’t afford both.”


The Westside Food Bank accepts both monetary and food donations! To learn more about both click here!