Photo Credit: @wearehappyplace instagram


It seems that everywhere you turn in LA there is another place to take the perfect Instagram pic. From the Pink Wall to the Santa Monica Pier, you can always find a place to take a picture that will get a hundreds of likes.

When the you’ve finally run out of LA landmarks to take pictures at, it’s time to start looking at new places to get your perfect picture. One of those places is Happy Place in LA, the latest installation of instagram friendly rooms will be coming back to LA for 5 weeks this spring, from April 26 through May 27.

Happy Place is a photo friendly experience sure to give you a sugar rush! Start out with a dose of Happy Place-branded M&Ms, then enjoy a cake pop and finish up with a tart cup of lemonade. You can also opt for a rainbow grilled cheese at the end of the event, which a great instagram pic in and of itself.

The pop-up also features a series of installations to stand in front of or climb into, like a confetti-filled dome and an upside-down bedroom; perfect for all kinds of pictures. You can also make snow angels on an illuminated bed of confetti or jump into a pot of oversized coins; all to get the perfect picture or GIF.

Some features at Happy Place aren’t necessarily made to help you take pictures you’ll be happy with though. Some of the rooms are dim with often unflattering lighting that will have you spending a couple of extra minutes editing your photos. The one exception is a legitimately engaging field of fake marigolds, in which you pop up through a hole in the faux flower bed’s base so it looks as though you’re surrounded by a golden oasis. It’s an instagram influencers dream.

Unfortunately, unlike many of the other marvelous placing to take pictures in LA, Happy Place has a fee. Admission, which is broken up in multi-hour time slots, costs $28.50.  There’s also a VIP option for $199, which includes front of line access, a personal guide, a professional photographer and parking.