Set Sail for Adventure at the 2024 Festival of Sail at LA Fleet Week

Get ready to embark on a nautical adventure like no other at the 2024 Festival of Sail, part of the annual LA Fleet Week celebrations. Taking place on Saturday, May 25th, this exciting event promises a day filled with maritime wonder, historical insights, and family-friendly fun. Hosted at the picturesque Port of Los Angeles, the Festival of Sail is a must-visit for anyone fascinated by the sea, naval history, and the grandeur of tall ships. More information can be found here.


The Festival of Sail is a highlight of LA Fleet Week, an annual event that honors the contributions and heritage of the United States Navy, Marine Corps, and Coast Guard. This year’s Festival of Sail will feature an impressive lineup of tall ships and other historic vessels, offering visitors a rare opportunity to explore these majestic ships up close. The event is designed to be both educational and entertaining, making it perfect for maritime enthusiasts, history buffs, and families looking for a unique outing.


Key Attractions:

  • Tall Ship Tours: Step aboard a variety of historic tall ships and naval vessels, each with its own rich history and stories to tell. Guided tours will provide fascinating insights into the life of sailors, the construction and design of the ships, and their roles in maritime 

  • Sailing Demonstrations: Witness the elegance and skill of sailing during live demonstrations. Watch as experienced crews maneuver these magnificent vessels through the waters of the Port of Los Angeles, showcasing their sailing prowess and the 

  • Interactive Exhibits: Engage with interactive exhibits that delve into the science of sailing, navigation, and maritime exploration. Learn about the technology and innovations that have shaped naval history and continue to influence modern maritime practices.

  • Family Activities: The Festival of Sail is packed with family-friendly activities, including hands-on workshops, storytelling sessions, and nautical-themed games. Kids can participate in educational scavenger hunts, craft their own miniature ships, and discover the adventures of sailors through captivating stories.

  • Live Entertainment: Enjoy live music and performances that celebrate maritime culture. From sea shanties to contemporary tunes, the entertainment lineup is sure to keep spirits high throughout the day.


The Festival of Sail is not just an event; it’s a celebration of community, history, and the shared heritage of those who have sailed the seas. The festival aims to foster a deeper appreciation for maritime history and the vital role that sailors and naval forces have played in shaping our world. By bringing together people of all ages and backgrounds, the event encourages community engagement and education in a fun and interactive setting.


As the date for the 2024 Festival of Sail approaches, excitement is building among maritime enthusiasts and families eager to partake in this unique event. Whether you’re an avid sailor, a history aficionado, or simply looking for a memorable day out with your loved ones, the Festival of Sail offers something for everyone. Mark your calendars for Saturday, May 25th, and prepare to set sail on a journey through time at the Port of Los Angeles.


The 2024 Festival of Sail at LA Fleet Week is set to be an unforgettable celebration of maritime heritage, naval history, and community spirit. With its diverse array of activities, tours, and entertainment, the festival promises a day filled with adventure, learning, and fun for visitors of all ages. Don’t miss your chance to experience the majesty of tall ships and the excitement of LA Fleet Week – join us at the Port of Los Angeles and sail away on a voyage of discovery!